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Down With Morning Sickness: Best Foods to Eat to Beat Pregnancy Nausea

Pregnancy can be an extraordinary adventure for many women. There is a certain kind of excitement that a future mother feels for her unborn child and maybe even a feeling of fulfillment on their part. But along with the feel-good moments during pregnancy, may come difficulties such as morning sickness.

What is Morning Sickness?

Morning sickness is the feeling of nausea that many pregnant women experience during the first trimester of their pregnancy. According to the experts, 70 percent of pregnant women experience nausea during their pregnancy, while 50 percent experience vomiting. There are those who feel sick the whole day and some just in the morning.

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What are the Best Foods to Eat to Beat Pregnancy Nausea?

If you want to ease morning sickness, here are a few foods you need to eat that may help.  Note that you may also use essential Oils to combat morning sickness

eat lemon to beat pregnancy nausea


Lemons are good not only for consuming, but also for sniffing when you have morning sickness. The citrus fruit does the work in calming your stomach when you eat them and when you can smell their refreshing aroma.

You can squeeze the lemons in a glass of water, eat them along with your breakfast, or lick a slice of it. If you are going outside, you can also take pieces of it in your bag to smell when the nausea strikes.



There is a lot of scientific research that confirms ginger as a useful food to treat and prevent symptoms of pregnancy nausea. That is why most pregnant women might benefit from turning to ginger to ease their nauseous feelings early in their pregnancy.

For instance, ginger can be made into a tea for a morning drink. Just put a two-inch sliced and peeled ginger root into boiling water and let it steep for up to 6 minutes and enjoy.  Use ginger tea as a replacement when quitting coffee



If you want to beat morning sickness, try eating foods rich in healthy fat and fiber like avocado.

Aside from the fat and fiber, avocados also contain nutrients essential for pregnancy such as vitamin K, vitamin C, and folate. Avocados are also rich in potassium which help in reducing fluid retention. You can eat avocados during your breakfast or afternoon snacks.

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Whole Grains for Breakfast

Whole grains are a great choice for breakfast for many pregnant women. Whole grains like oats, for instance, are packed with carbs, vitamin B, iron, and fiber that make them a healthy food choice during pregnancy. The bland, nutty flavor can also help calm your stomach when nausea hits.

Some breastfeeding women also attest to the power of oats in increasing the supply of their breast milk. Breast milk provides a lot of health benefits for the development of your newborn. So get yourself some oats now!


Crackers Right After You Wake Up

Eating right after you wake up can help ease morning sickness. One of the leading causes of pregnancy nausea is an empty stomach. That is why it is important to fill your tummy with simple foods such as crackers right after waking up.

Typically, the best crackers for pregnant women are salty crackers. Also, most women confirm that saltine crackers taste better during pregnancy.


eat apples to beat pregnancy nausea


An apple a day keeps the doctor away, they say. But this old medical maxim is also true in relieving pregnancy nausea, according to many experts. Apples are rich in fiber which can ease your morning sickness in your first trimester.

Fiber is a helpful food nutrient in eliminating chemicals in your body that cause you to feel nauseous. You can eat apples in your breakfast or at night before going to bed.

Drinking water help with nausea during pregnancy

Water isn't a food, but it does help fight nausea.   According to WebMD, "Drinking enough fluids, especially if you're queasy, is particularly important since dehydration is one of the most serious consequences of morning sickness."

Are you struggling to drink enough water?  Read How to Drink More Water During Pregnancy for great tips



Eating beans when you are pregnant can help promote a healthy intestine and colon to prevent morning sickness. It is because beans like soybeans, white beans, and black beans are great sources of folate, calcium, iron, zinc, protein, and especially fiber. Fiber binds to the bile and helps you get rid of it without vomiting. If you eat these kinds of beans while you are pregnant, you will help prevent pregnancy nausea and constipation

In Closing

There are several natural remedies for morning sickness such as Lemons, Avocado, apples and beans.  However, don't hesitate to ask your doctor for help too.

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