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Diaper Bag Review: Haiku's Renaissance Mama Diaper Tote - Mumberry

Posted on 06 September 2016

We had Mumberry co-founder, Traci, carry around the Haiku Renaissance Mama Bag. (We’d call it a Diaper Tote, but it’s SO MUCH MORE than that)! Let’s just say she LOVED it. Traci is the mum of a toddler, with another baby girl on the way, and when she’s not spending time with her hubby and little one, she’s teaching fitness classes at her local studio! Here’s what she had to say about the Renaissance Mama Bag.

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mom with diaper bag


My first thought when receiving the Renaissance Mama bag was how incredibly lightweight it is - even when I pack water bottles, it feels lighter than my last diaper bag (which was apparently made of lead.) This is probably my favorite thing about this bag. The handles on this bag are a good length and don't slide off my shoulder. Combined with the light weight, that makes this bag super comfortable to carry.

It’s also a good size for a busy mum on-the-go, and the fact that it’s made of recycled plastic bottles makes me feel like I have personally saved the planet and then I feel good. (Honestly, the tag says it’s made from 25+ bottles! Very cool feature!)

The padded laptop pocket is a great idea, and appreciated by mums who need their computers with them often, but it was way too small for my laptop. If you have a 13" laptop, this will work great, but since I can't use it for that, I have used it to just divide some contents inside the bag. The pocket is really too large to keep track of any small items, but if you need something separated from the other items (maybe a small book, planner, or tablet) it’s great! We’ll call it “Mom’s pocket” of baby’s bag. ;)


haiku diaper bag review


The 2 side pockets are PERFECT for bottles (baby’s bottles or even my big water bottle). I can slide them in one-handed, which is amazing since I rarely have two hands. That was a struggle with the last diaper bag because I had to pull open the pocket to slide in the bottle. When you’re holding a little one (most of the time, right?) it’s amazing to be able to just slide it in. The exterior pockets are also a great size for my cell phone/chapstick/wallet so that I can grab them without having to dig forever. I love ALL of the exterior pockets! The inside pockets are just okay. They function fine but there's only 2. My last bag had 6 so I'm missing some of the options for dividing small items. However, with that being said I was constantly looking through ALL 6 pockets every time I needed something because I could never remember which one it was there's that! It really comes down to preference.

I like that it zips closed, instead of a snap or fold over. I rarely use this feature (unless it’s raining and I want to protect my stuff) just because I'm in and out of it so often, but the inside fabric is super cute too so I don't mind showing it off.

The included diaper clutch ("Diaper Kit Insert" ) is awesome. The fabric is just darling and I like the magnetic closure - quick and easy! It includes a changing mat which I think is a necessity. The changing mat is a little narrow in size, but my 18-month old is getting quite large so I have no doubt it will work fine for babies. It fits the mat and a couple diapers and some wipes easily. Very handy to just be able to grab when the need arises. 


diaper kit in renaissance mama diaper bag


Overall, I LOVED this bag! Comfortable, lightweight, easy to access, and CUTE! The color and the design on the mushroom version of this bag is really nice - it could almost pass as a big purse! It surely doesn't scream diaper bag, and makes me feel classy! It’s also versatile and I feel like I can use it even after I’m done needing diaper bags. I could see this being a great gym, weekend, or work bag, too!

I had already purchased a new diaper bag when I decided to try this one out, but I think I’ll be sticking with the Renaissance Mama for when the new baby arrives!

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