What Causes Stretch Marks And How To Prevent Them During Pregnancy

Stretch marks are caused by stretching of the skin due to an increase in cortisone. Most pregnant women experience the condition of stretch marks due to the growth of breasts and stomach during pregnancy. Stretch marks are also caused by hormonal changes during pregnancy.

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Excess weight gain and medications can also cause stretch marks during pregnancy. You can prevent stretch marks with various stretch marks removal treatments. Revitol acnezine is great for scars and stretch marks. Listed are some tips to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy, read on.

Stay hydrated

Drink adequate water to keep your skin hydrated during pregnancy. Hydrated skin does not develop stretch marks as dry skin does. You must drink at least one liter of water on a daily basis. Also, cut back on fizzy drinks, tea, and coffee. Fluid intake will help to maintain the right balance and that will help to prevent pregnancy-related stretch marks.

Have a great diet

Diet plays a very important part in the prevention of stretch marks. You must have a well-balanced diet and have foods rich in vitamin A, E and vitamin C. Have foods that are rich in minerals, nutrients, and antioxidants. Also, include foods that are rich in omega 3 fatty acids. A balanced diet not only helps to prevent stretch marks but also cures your morning sickness.

Vitamin D is important

Low levels of vitamin D in the body can also cause stretch marks. Healthy levels of vitamin D in your body can not only keep you healthy during pregnancy but also prevent stretch marks in the most effective way. You can get a good amount of vitamin D through sun's exposure or by having dairy products in your diet. You can also have vitamin D supplements to stay healthy during pregnancy.

Apply creams and oils

Creams are indeed effective in preventing stretch marks during pregnancy. Many stretch mark removal creams and solutions are available according to your skin type. Life cell anti-aging treatment helps to prevent marks and scars on your skin.

Creams rich in retinoid are also good for stretch marks. You can also use bio oil to prevent your stretch marks. Bio oil is safe and can be applied to your stomach and breast area. There are no such side effects of creams and oils.

Apply Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera works really well for prevention of stretch marks. As Aloe Vera has soothing and healing properties, it helps to restore the lost moisture from your skin. Aloe Vera also contains minerals and fatty acids, which is again great for your skin. You can simply apply Aloe Vera to your stomach and breast area during pregnancy for prevention of stretch marks.

Take some natural aloe gel and massage it your area for about five minutes. Let the skin absorb the gel properly. Natural Aloe Vera has no side effect on your skin and that is why it's completely safe for your skin.

There are so many ways to prevent stretch marks. You can opt for any one method. Stay beautiful during pregnancy and look great after pregnancy too.


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