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8 Favorite Healthy Breakfasts for Pregnancy

During pregnancy, breakfast is especially important, as it gives you energy for the rest of your day.  Your body is taxed doing all kinds of human-growing activities, so you need enough energy and nutrients for those tasks. 

Eating breakfast gets your metabolism started for the day (people that don't eat breakfast actually tend to overeat the rest of the day)

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8 Healthy Breakfast Recipes

There are plenty of delicious foods to choose from during pregnancy that are good for you and your baby.   Here are 8 of our most favorite healthy breakfasts for pregnancy from around the web!

healthy breakfasts for pregnancy smoothie

1. Energy Boosting Kale and Pineapple Green Smoothie

Nourish Move Love

Finding ways to incorporate greens into breakfast is so good for your health- especially during pregnancy, since they contain an amazing amount of nutrients including folic acid. This Kale + Pineapple combination has only 5 ingredients but packs a major (and delicious) vitamin-and-mineral punch to leave you feeling energized and nourished. 

greek yogurt bowl healthy breakfast for pregnancy

2. Greek Yogurt Breakfast Bowl

from Fit Foodie Finds

With a higher protein content, fewer carbohydrates, and more good-for-you probiotics, Greek Yogurt is like the more accomplished older brother of regular yogurt. It's a super versatile food (you can substitute the plain versions for sour cream), but we like this recipe for Greek Yogurt Breakfast Bowls the best. Watch the video included to get not one, but FOUR variations of this dreamy breakfast option.

healthy vegetable breakfasts for pregnancy

3. Brussels Sprouts, Eggs, and Bacon

From Damn Delicious

We love this meal because it's given us a way to eat brussels sprouts for every meal AND combined it with the nutrition powerhouse, eggs, with a little bacon added for good measure. YUM! Brussels sprouts contain protein, iron, potassium, fiber, vitamin C, folate, and more (all of which you need more of during pregnancy.) If you're introducing one new meal into the rotation this week, make it this one!

healthy pancakes for breakfasts during pregnancy

4. Blueberry Banana Cinnamon Pancakes (Gluten Free, Vegan, and Paleo)

From North South Blonde

For a guilt-free indulgence into your craving for sweets, try these healthy (gluten free, vegan, and paleo) pancakes! They're also a great way to get a good serving of fruit in since they're made with fresh blueberries and banana. Try these out this weekend for all of the tasty satisfaction with none of the guilt, because all of the ingredients are good for you.

healthy breakfast casserole for pregnancy

5. Turkey & Egg Breakfast Casserole 

from Amiee Mars

A lightened up version of the classic breakfast casserole that brings back memories of childhood (or is that just us?) Substituting turkey sausage in for the pork, adding a good serving of greens, and layering the bottom with SWEET POTATOES turns this classic (but not very healthy) dish into a delicious and good-for-you treat for all.

smoothie bowl healthy breakfasts for pregnancy

6. Banana Berry Smoothie Bowl

From Joyful Healthy Eats

Bananas and berries are a classic combination long hailed by the smoothie lovers everywhere, but this one is even more fun and delicious than usual. It's in a bowl, meaning you can add more toppings than ever to really get your fill of fruits, vegetables, and other delicious add-ins! With only five ingredients and no added sugars, it's a perfect way to start your day.

healthy breakfast scramble for pregnancy

7. Quinoa Breakfast Scramble 

From Wendi Polisi

In case you can't tell, we're big proponents of adding lots of produce to our breakfasts! And this breakfast scramble not only has fresh avocados and salsa, but also quinoa, our favorite pseudo-grain. If you're in a crunch (or haven't been to the store in a while - we get it) you're likely to have all the ingredients for this simple yet filling and healthy breakfast laying around. It has a good amount of carbs, protein, and fat which makes it "balanced" and a good choice of fuel for the morning.

healthy breakfasts for pregnancy chocolate smoothie bowl

8. Hot Chocolate Smoothie Bowl

Running With Spoons 

Chocolate for breakfast? You don't have to tell us twice! This smoothie bowl is less fresh, but more decadent than than the average smoothie bowl, but is still just as good for you (especially if you add the right toppings!) Good for the SOUL (because chocolate) and good for the body because of all the healthy toppings you can add, like banana, peanut butter, cacao nibs, mixed nuts, chia, and more. Please and thank you!

In Conclusion

Would you like more easy, healthy prenatal recipes formatted for easy printing? Click here to download A Day of Recipes for Each Trimester:

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