Mumberry Customer Testimonials

Hear what real women think about Mumberry Maternity Activewear


"My Mumberry Boost Tank has been a huge factor in allowing me to continue to exercise while pregnant!  My husband and I walk about 3 miles 3-4 times per week and when I was about 20 weeks pregnant I started experiencing Braxton Hicks contractions while walking.  It was very uncomfortable and we would have to slow down tremendously.  Since I got my Mumberry tank, the frequency of Braxton Hicks has considerably decreased and I’m able to continue our walks without the discomfort!  Thank you Mumberry for allowing me to continue to walk and get the exercise that is great for me and the baby!  I feel so much better!” - Tara (due Nov. 2022)

Woman wearing mumberry leggings holding up baby


Hailey the personal trainer loves Mumberry

“These clothes have literally been a lifesaver! I love the material. I don’t have to worry about anything being transparent. I didn’t realize how much I was going to like the support layer until I started getting bigger. I have had way more back pain with this pregnancy than my last two and having that extra support while working out makes a huge difference. I will even wear the tops if I’ve had a long day of running around just for that extra belly support. I love the clothes and I wear them on a daily basis because they are just so comfortable.” – Hailey (had twin girls in June, 2019)

"I totally love it! Lol like genuinely love it. I'm so self-conscious about my belly & believe it or not feeling like I have love handles AND my belly. So I'm a huge fan of pants with bands to support everything. When I saw the top & the bottom both offered support, I was thrilled. I had a great workout tonight after a bunch of crappy ones because I really felt confident in there with my little outfit on." – Mande (had a baby girl in July, 2015)

Kristy, mother of 4 boys, loves Mumberry

“The Mumband – I can’t even say how much I love it! Especially because I’ve been having major round ligament pain on my right side and it helps SO much! It provides the perfect amount of support, front and back, and that is extremely important when you get as large as I do. I love everything about these capris! Well worth the money. And I know I will be wearing them even after I have the baby.” – Kristy (had a a baby boy in May, 2015)

"I LOVE the material, especially on the pants! Super comfy and unlike thin yoga-type pants it didnt show off any cellulite, so I was kind of obsessed with the material on the pants! I love that the top is flowy so it shows off my bump but not all the new lumps and bumps I'm getting as my body is growing. I really, really like them!" – Erin (had a baby girl in July, 2015)

Megan loves to wear Mumberry to the gym!

“I absolutely love my Mumberry top! The Mumband fits snugly underneath for much needed support, but the outer layer makes the top so flattering. I love wearing this top to the gym, because I get so many compliments on it. Plus, it couldn’t be more comfortable.” – Megan (had a baby boy in July, 2014)

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