Balance Your Bump: Prenatal Arm & Upper Body Workout

Balance Your Bump: Prenatal Arm & Upper Body Workout


Working your arms and upper body during pregnancy is so important because as your bump grows (and even postpartum when your arms are constantly holding a baby and a diaper bag), it might pull your shoulders forward and give you an achy upper back.

However if your shoulders and upper body are strong, it will help you support your increasing forward weight and balance out the extra weight from your bump.

Poor posture results in muscle pain

This new poor posture also puts the opposing chest muscles in a contracted position. So it’s important to perform stretches to lengthen these muscles back out.

Stretching and weight training help align muscles

Some stretches you can do are grabbing your elbows behind your back, clasping the hands behind the back and pulling up, and opening the arms straight out wide to the side.

Prenatal Arm & Upper Body Workout

For a great workout, try this routine 2-3 times a week to strengthen them and balance that bump!   Its important to eat properly before and after your exercise so that you have enough energy. 

Read 7 Healthy Foods to Eat Before and After Exercising During Pregnancy for more tips

Prenatal Arm Workout

Do 15 reps of each move, and repeat the cycle 3-4 times.

  • Bicep curls + Hammer curls

  • Forearm curls

  • Triceps kickbacks

  • Triceps extensions


Prenatal Back Workout

Do 10-15 repetitions of each exercise, and repeat the cycle 3-4 times.

  • Alternating row

  • Wide row

  • Good mornings

  • Rear fly


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