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Back Support for Pregnant Women: Built-In Support

During pregnancy, it’s essential to take care of your lower back. Many women experience constant back pain and seek relief from the sometimes debilitating condition. Apart from doing lower back exercises, it is also necessary to get good back support for pregnancy.

woman holding back support during pregnancy

This is where belly and back support comes to the rescue. Maternity belly support is the perfect companion during pregnancy. Using belly and back support during pregnancy has helped many women deal with the discomfort of aches and pains, especially during the second and third trimesters when back and joint pain can make it challenging to participate in daily activities.


Here are some reasons why you need belly and back support during pregnancy:

1. Using belly and back support during pregnancy will help support you and your baby bump during day-to-day activities, which can result in reduced pain overall. Have you ever gone for a workout without wearing your sports bra? Seems awful, right? The same precept applies to a growing baby bump. The gradual compression of a belly and back via support garments can help strengthen the uterus and reduce discomfort from movement during physical activity.


back support for pregnant women

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2. Belly and back support allows you to operate more comfortably during prenatal workouts. Exercise during pregnancy has many positive health benefits such as a decrease in the incidence of hypertension, increasing muscle tone and endurance, and reducing the risk of diabetes and depression. Many women are incapable of exercising consistently during pregnancy due to discomfort and pain. Wearing a belly and back support garment can help decrease discomfort and allow participation in physical activity, resulting in major benefits for you and your baby.


woman holding back for support for pregnant women


3. Wearing belly and back support during pregnancy provides external cues to your body to aid proper posture. By assisting the lower back it boosts correct posture and forestalls overextension of the lower back. The typical “swayback” appearance of pregnancy is a result of extra weight being carried in front of the body in combination with the stretching and weakening of crucial core muscles that support the spine. Belly and back support helps prevent this condition before it starts by strengthening your taxed muscles and ligaments


Backaches are just one of the unpleasant symptoms associated with pregnancy, but by using a belly and back support during pregnancy, it will certainly alleviate some of these discomforts.



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