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How to Balance Work and Life When You're Expecting

Posted on 20 June 2018

The physical, hormonal, and emotional changes of pregnancy can make work challenging at times, even if it is a beautiful, wonderful period of your life otherwise. Here are a few tips for finding the best balance between your life and work when you are expecting.


Find Ways to Manage Morning Sickness that Work for You

Pregnancy frequently comes with morning sickness, disrupted sleep patterns, fatigue, and unpredictable emotional reactions. Morning sickness most commonly occurs during the first trimester. Ask your physician about medication to control this rather unpleasant aspect of pregnancy, or find ways to manage your nausea that work for your body. Keep some dry crackers in your desk. Eating one at the first sign of feeling sick can help it pass. Keep a bag, wet wipes, and mouth freshener on hand in case you have to vomit at your desk. Try to keep calm and don’t become stressed – it is completely normal for this to occur and should not be thought of as shameful.


balancing work and life during pregnancy

Be Sensible

If your doctor agrees that your pregnancy is progressing normally, there is no reason why you cannot continue working up to a short time before giving birth. This does depend on what your job is, as there are some very physically demanding jobs which it would be unwise to continue doing during pregnancy. Follow your healthcare provider’s advice. Whatever your job, talk with your boss regarding your maternity leave and the time period in which you propose to return to work after becoming a mum. Clear communication helps both you and your employer feel good about your pregnancy.


Be Honest

Tell your boss and your co-workers that you are pregnant. They are sure to be understanding and compassionate. Don’t be afraid to admit when you are feeling unwell or not functioning at your best – this is completely natural and normal when pregnant and having an honest relationship with those at work will make the challenges much easier for you to handle. No two pregnancies are the same – some mums start out feeling great and suffer more in the final trimester, while others do it in reverse. It is safe to say, however, that all expectant women have days when they feel rough and others when they feel fantastic, so adjust your workload accordingly.


keep moving to balance work and life during pregnancy

Keep Moving

Sitting immobile behind a desk all day is bad for anyone, but it is particularly bad when you are pregnant. Get into the habit of getting up from your desk and walking about regularly. While you are seated, do mini-muscle workouts concentrating on particular muscle sets. No one will even notice what you are doing. Invest in a foot rocker or a birth ball that has a natural imbalance to encourage you to keep repositioning yourself – this will promote better circulation and posture, both of which are very important when you are expecting. Keep up a gentle, regular exercise routine. Fitting in a morning yoga session can put you in a good physical and mental state for the day ahead.


Watch Your Diet

Morning sickness can take away your appetite, but it is important to eat a balanced diet for the healthy development of your child. Eat plenty of protein, fresh fruits, and vegetables and have small, regular, varied meals. Take a good daily prenatal vitamin designed for mums-to-be, in case you are missing any essential vitamins or minerals. Cravings are common during pregnancy and often reflect the need for something lacking in our diet – so make sure you are eating enough food.


Be Gentle With Yourself

Do as much as you can, but only for as long as you can. Do not overexert yourself or get stressed out. Enjoy your pregnancy – and take time to prepare your home and heart for the arrival of your new infant.


Written by: Sofia Lockett

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