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Gift Guide: The Best Gifts for Pregnant Women

Deciding what to get that special mum-to-be in your life can be tough. If this is her first pregnancy, this might be the last Christmas that things in her life are (more or less) all about her.

To make things easy, we've rounded up the best of the best gifts for pregnant women that she'll love! Whether she's a first-time mom, a fitness junkie, the hippie-mom, and more, we've found something for everyone on this list!



Gifts For Health, Beauty and Skin

face and body scrub gifts for pregnant women

Bare + Grain It | Face & Body Scrub


Let your mum-to-be pamper herself with a 100% safe and natural skin care line that she can feel good about putting on her body.

This scrub from Pure + Radiant can be used to revitalize the body and the senses, but look into some other products from this line for everything from cleansing to exfoliating to moisturizing! A pampered mum is a happy mum.





Dr. Teal's Pure Epsom Salt soaking solution with Black Elderberry.


Great for relieving aches and pains.   Just pour 2 cups under warm, running bath water and soak for 20 minutes. 


Gifts For Active Moms 

Move Maternity Capris with built-in Mumband support


Sure to be her favorite gift this year! The Mumband is tough enough for the highest intensity prenatal workout, but comfortable enough to wear during her day-to-day routine.    

Learn more about the Mumband here



Gifts For Moms with Infants

breastfeeding bracelets  
 NursElet nursing bracelets


These genius nursing bracelets help mom hold her shirt up while feeding the little one. When she's done, she can wear it on her wrist as a stylish bracelet on the side she needs baby to nurse off of next. One of the most practical AND cutest gifts for pregnant women!



Gifts For Moms to Relax

robe gifts for pregnant women

100% natural cotton robe

Something comfy to lounge in is on EVERY pregnant mom's list, whether she says so or not. These robes are made from 100% natural cotton and so comfortable. They have a boho vibe, so whether she's headed to the beach house or laying around her own house, she's going to do it in comfort and style with this robe!

cute gifts for pregnant women

Napping for Two shirt

A must for the holidays when the meals can leave you ready to go comatose for a few hours while you recover. Growing a human is exhausting work, so let the pregnant lady get some extra rest in this cute and comfy Napping for Two tee!

comfy slippers gifts for pregnant women

Comfy slippers

Being on your feet all day with the extra weight of a pregnant belly wears those puppies out. Bring her some relief with a pair of soft and comfortable slippers.




3. Cosmetics case

nom nom nom cosmetics case for pregnant women

This cute bag is perfect for a lot of things besides cosmetics. Pens and pencils, kids snacks, cell phone + cash and credit cards while shopping, and more will fit perfectly in this adorable Nom Nom Nom bag. (It's also machine washable, because you know, life happens as a mom.)

4. "Let's be momfriends" Tank

let's be momfriends tank for pregnant women

Nothing promotes community like a cute tank. This one is perfect for your pregnant bestie or sister (and you can even grab one for yourself) because every mom needs a momfriend! Pair this tank with some great yoga pants for the cutest, comfiest outfit.

5. Name stackers personalized sterling silver ring sets

personalized name rings for pregnant women

Mamas love these pretty name stacker rings! Put the names of her littles on them and gift them as a set. But maybe save the new baby's name until he or she actually arrives, because you never know when the supposed "he" will come out as a "she" instead. ;)

6. Pocket scarf

pocket scarf gift for pregnant women

How brilliant are these pocket scarves? They let you stay hands free for whenever mom is busy with other things like holding or comforting a little one. She can zip up whatever she needs close, and throw the rest in her purse for a hassle free day! 

7. "Hey Baby" shirt

hey baby gift for pregnant women

This cute, sweet shirt is one of the most perfect gifts for pregnant women! They can use it to announce their pregnancy, lounge around the house, or for some adorable maternity photos. (There's even a "Hey Mama" shirt you can get to match, for all the feels!)

8. Pretty Peach Bangle

pretty peach bangle gift for pregnant women

Every mama needs something pretty, and this sparkly peach bangle is about as pretty as it gets! It can dress up a casual outfit + complement her night out dress as well, making it the perfect accessory.

13. Membership to "Survive & Thrive During Pregnancy"

survive and thrive

Pregnancy brings a lot of questions and challenges - morning sickness, back pain, stress and anxiety, trouble sleeping, postpartum care and much more. Arm the pregnant woman in your life with the resources she needs to beat all these pregnancy ailments and find support in a community of women in her same situation. Bring her some relief with a membership to Survive & Thrive During Pregnancy.

Happy shopping!!

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