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Meet your new at-home chiropractor

If pregnancy has left you crying "oh, my aching back," you're gonna wanna read about this tool to relieve back pain during pregnancy.

back pain during pregnancy relief

Pregnancy wheels help relieve back pain during pregnancy by reducing  tightness in shoulders, neck, and lower back.  They can improve balance and posture by aligning your major muscle groups.

What causes back pain during pregnancy?

An achy back during pregnancy is just kind of something women have learned to expect during pregnancy. In fact, as many as 50-70% of pregnant women report an achy back.

This can begin as early as a few weeks or it can rear its ugly head once you get farther along in your pregnancy.

Some common causes of back pain are:

  • Hormonal changes - the relaxin hormone your body starts producing makes your joints looser, causing them to shift a little. This shift kind of throws everything off balance, causing your back to ache from lack of support.
  • New center of gravity - as your belly grows quickly, you are compensating by arching your back a bit more than usual.
  • More weight - ok, you've gained a bit of weight! (As you should.) But this extra weight adds some pressure to your already less supported back. Bad news for your spine!

Can a Chirp Wheel help with back pain?

If you're experiencing this, we're willing to bet you've exhausted your web browser with searches for quick fixes. We've all read of them...don't sleep on your back, see a chiropractor, fix your posture, heating pads, taking it easy...and that those quick fixes probably haven't worked.

Enter the Chirp Wheel!

plexus yoga wheel for back pain during pregnancy

Chirp Wheels are designed "for anyone with a back," but is especially useful to pregnant women who may be feeling tightness in their shoulders, neck, and lower back.

It gently massages the tight muscles around the back, loosening up the spine to reduce stress. 

We gave the wheel a shot to see if it lived up to the hype.

Guess what, it does!

yoga wheel for back pain during pregnancy

We kept the wheel right by our desk and used it throughout the day if our back got achy while sitting. We found that after rolling it out on the wheel, our spine popped a few times, especially in the upper back area leaving it feeling much looser and lighter. 

You know when you're about to get adjusted by the chiropractor, and once your spine pops in just the right spot, all of your tension is gone? That's kind of what it felt like once we rolled everything out on the wheel. 

So during pregnancy, this is clearly an amazing tool that can be used to relieve a common pain.

Can wheels help after pregnancy?

After pregnancy, your upper back and neck are often sore and stiff from hunching over while breastfeeding or from the new weight of carrying a baby in your arms instead of your belly!

The wheel will help relieve the aches and tension caused with just a few minutes a day.


back pain during pregnancy


How will a Chirp Wheel help me?

It improves your balance, strengthens your core, improves posture and the curvature of your spine, and it's PORTABLE! They also have a mini wheel for targeted tension points like the hamstrings, glutes, and neck which you can easily pack in a suitcase or large purse. (We actually traveled with the full-sized wheel and found it fit comfortably in our carry-on roller.)

What about yoga and Chirp Wheels?

Needless to say, the yoga wheel has become part of our daily wellness routine. Stretching your back out on the wheel within the first hour of the day seems to make the entire day go smoother.

In Closing

Whether you're pregnant or nursing (or just want to feel better) yoga wheels will help your aches and pains, saving you your monthly trip to the chiropractor.  Before pregnancy, or after you're finished breastfeeding, the wheel can still benefit you in multiple ways.

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