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Do These Things on Sunday for a Healthy Week of Pregnancy

Schedule your workouts in advance:

Set a reminder on your phone, pencil them into your agenda - whether it's a workout class or a solo run, you're more likely to show up if you've planned to be there ahead of time.

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Make sure your workout clothes are clean:

Nothing is worse than getting pumped up to work out just to realize all your sports bras are sweaty! Get ahead by throwing a load of your activewear in the washer Sunday morning and laying them out to dry. Then set aside your outfits so you're not caught off guard throughout the week.

Pack your gym bag:

If you're headed to the gym, make sure you have everything ready to go! Headphones, yoga mat, shower stuff, and a change of clothes if you need it. It will make your trip out the door and to work (or wherever you're headed after your workout) that much more seamless. 

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Plan your meals:

Sit down and write out all of your meals for the week, including snacks. Half of the battle when it comes to preparing and eating healthy meals is thinking of what to cook once dinnertime rolls around. If you plan out meals a day at a time for your whole week, you've saved yourself a lot of work and hassle. If you need some inspiration, check out our Healthy Bump Prenatal Nutrition Guide and Two-Week Meal Plan - it comes with over 50 recipes, two weeks of meals, and grocery shopping lists. 

Go grocery shopping:

Once you have your meals planned out, write your grocery list and buy all the ingredients you need. Only buy 3-4 days worth of produce since it could go bad faster. Then make another run to the store for the rest of your fresh ingredients later on in the week. Even though you might have one extra trip to the store, getting the bulk of the shopping done early in the week will save you time (and stress!)

Prep your meals/snacks:

When meals are planned and groceries are bought, you can make things even easier by washing, chopping, and storing ingredients you'll be using throughout the week. Cook grains in advance and portion out fruits for smoothies. Anything you can do now to make the cooking process faster later is going to make your life easier. Set aside 10 snacks for the week and put them in containers so you're not tempted to snack on the twinkies in the back of the pantry. ;) 

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Get some sleep: 

Once you've done all this work preparing for another healthy week of pregnancy, relax and get a great night's sleep. (7-9 hours, preferably!) Sleep is important not just for growing a healthy baby, but for making healthy choices and fighting stress. As a bonus, you'll wake up feeling refreshed for a healthy week ahead.

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