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How to Drink More Water During Pregnancy

Posted on 30 October 2017

Drinking more water is always a great idea, but especially so during pregnancy. That's because your blood volume is increasing drastically, meaning you need more water to stay properly hydrated than you did pre-pregnancy. Which makes sense, right?

how to drink more water during pregnancy

It's also pretty attainable and well-worth the effort. By staying properly hydrated, you're helping your body to function and feel better.

Benefits of Drinking More Water During Pregnancy

  • Decreased fluid retention/swelling of ankles and legs
  • Lower risk of UTIs and kidney or bladder infection by diluting urine
  • Decreased risk of constipation and hemorrhoids
  • Helps prevent preterm labor
  • Better delivery of nutrients to your baby
  • Lower risk of overheating
  • Helps with headaches and fatigue

Staying hydrated by drinking more water during pregnancy is really just better for overall bodily function. You're more likely to feel and look your best if you're drinking enough water throughout the day (around 12 or 13 8 oz cups.)

Use these simple tips and tricks to consistently drink more water during pregnancy - and to have a much easier pregnancy in general.

  1. Put your water in something cute. Buying a cute new bottle can be just the kick in the butt you need to up your intake. You'll want to bring it everywhere! Just like that cute new yoga mat that gets you to class, or the adorable planner that makes you WANT to plan your day and helps you stay organized.
  2. Or try a Smart bottle. These high-tech bottles, like the Spring smart bottle, have reminders that often sync with your smart-phone or glows to gently nudge you to take another sip.
  3. Infuse flavors with fruit. An old but good tip - using flavors like lime, lemon, or berries to give your tastebuds some excitement if you're not used to drinking so much plain water.
  4. Set reminders on your phone. It will probably seem annoying at first, but pretty soon won't even need reminders to drink more water. The Google Calendar app has a great built-in reminder feature that will make this super easy. Plan to drink a few ounces at least every 20 or 30 minutes. 
  5. Or make a DIY marked bottle. You know the bottles with tick marks that symbolize how much water you should have consumed by a certain time of day? They're super easy to DIY. Not into that? They have super cute pre-made ones on Etsy.
  6. Use meals as a built-in reminder. This one is very easy! Every time you sit down to a meal, drink or chug at least one glass of water. 
  7. Use an app to track your intake. Make it even easier to track how much water you've consumed with the help of a free app like Daily Water Free, MyPlate, or FitBit.
  8. BONUS TIP: Eat water-rich foods.  Adding fruits and vegetables to your diet is a sneaky way to get more water every day. Foods with a high water content include cucumber, watermelon, zucchini, grapefruit, lettuce, celery, and strawberries (among others.) 




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