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5 Wonderful Effects of Listening to Music During Pregnancy

There are a lot of researchers proving that listening to music is really helpful in the development of the baby during pregnancy. This started with the idea that classical music has a way of increasing the intelligence of children. This is possible whenever the mother listens to this kind of music during her pregnancy. Here is a list of wonderful effects of listening to music during pregnancy:


effects of listening to music during pregnancy

Increases hearing capabilities

The development of the senses of a child during pregnancy can be attributed to the overall health of the mother and the amount of nutrition that she is taking in. This is why she needs to be taken care of during this very sensitive stage. The baby can hear and sense what is happening around, even during the pregnancy. Some mothers who listened to music during their pregnancy would say that the baby is also listening to it. While the senses are still being developed, start listening to music and help increase the hearing capabilities of your unborn baby.


Improves reactions and playing

The connection between the mother and the child during pregnancy is very strong. Whatever emotions that the mother feels can also be felt by the child. This is why it is very important for the mother to relax and to make sure that she is happy during this stage. The bond that you create with your child will affect him or her in many ways. Whenever you listen to music, you will see how the baby reacts. There are different types of music and usually upbeat tunes will make the baby react in a playful manner. According to experts, the best type of music that you can listen to during pregnancy is instrumental and classical.


effects of listening to music during pregnancy

Improves the unborn baby’s reflexes

Since music can improve how the brain functions, as proved by many types of research, it is then safe to conclude that it can also improve the baby’s reflexes. While the child is still growing in utero, the mother may start thinking of the different ways to improve the reflexes. Aside from taking note of the healthy ways to help in this, she should also consider listening to music.


Improve baby’s auditory senses

The auditory sense is not just about hearing. A person who has a perfect and sound auditory sense is someone who does not just hear. This person can listen intently and can absorb whatever is being told to him or her. This sense should be developed during the pregnancy. With the help of music, the baby learns to become attentive. If you listen to songs with the same pattern, it will help the baby be able to recognize it. According to studies, babies know the sound and will react whenever they are familiar with what they are hearing. Some mothers also notice that the baby will react whenever the music will stops. This only means that they are attentive to what is happening around them even during the pregnancy stage. Pretty cool!


effects of listening to music during pregnancy

Shapes your baby’s overall personality

To wrap it all up, the personality of your baby can depends on what the mother is listening to during pregnancy. The development of the brain and the other senses can be affected positively OR negatively affected by the music that the mother is listening to. Light, soft, soothing music such as classical music can help shape a calm child, while loud, jarring, and overly aggressive music (sorry Rock and Rollers) can produce an anxious or aggressive child. Make sure to pay attention to what you’re listening to.


The overall health of a newborn child is dependent on the health of the mother. Aside from the things that were said above, there are other very important things that should be considered. Becoming a mother is not easy. You need to maintain a healthy lifestyle not only for yourself but also for your child. Eating healthy is not enough; you also need to consider getting enough rest. Exercise and diet are very important when it comes to maintaining a balance and healthy lifestyle during this sensitive stage. If you are considering the importance of music, you can also enroll for piano lessons as a pass-time. This way, you are also learning while doing things that will be beneficial to your child.  


curtis dean author bioAuthor Bio: Curtis Dean writes on behalf of Sage Music School where they base lessons on the science and research of the psychology of learning. Their effective teaching methods create confident and capable students who enjoy the happiness of making music.

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