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Mum Yum: Eggs - Mumberry

Posted on 16 May 2016

Our Mum Yum for this month is EGGS! We love eggs – aside from being delicious, they are so good for our bodies!

benefits of eggs during pregnancy

Here’s the Top 5 Egg-cellent Facts about Eggs:

  1. 1.Fetal Development–Eggs are naturally good for you but also have specific nutrients (Choline and Zinc) that help in the neural tube formation of your baby. Eggs also contain Folic acid which is found in prenatal vitamins!

  2. 2.Bone Health– Eggs are known for being an egg-cellent (is that joke getting old yet?) source of Vitamin D, which helps with calcium absorption. The stronger your bones, the stronger the you.

  3. 3.Muscles– Eggs have 6 grams of protein per egg! They also contain ALL 9 of the amino acids! What an affordable source of protein! You’re gonna need all the muscle you can get during pregnancy and delivery, not to mention afterwards when you are hauling baby and car seats all day, err day!

  4. 4.Brain– Is it just me or do we all have fears of growing old and not remembering anything? Guess what? Eating eggs can help that! Remember earlier when we talked about eggs having Choline to help during fetal development? Well, it also helps out adult brains stay healthy, too! Yay, eggs!

  5. 5.General Good Health– Nutrients, Nutrients, Nutrients! Eggs are full of them! They contain carotinoids such as, Lutein and Zeaxanthin, that are important in eye health. So when you’re 90, not only will you have a good memory but you’ll also have great eye sight! These nutrients are also essential in fighting many other diseases.

We think eggs are so delicious and versatile! Something that is so good for you will only be good for your growing baby. If you want some recipes or more information about the health benefits of eggs, check out this article:

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