6 Essential Vitamins for Your Pregnancy - Mumberry

6 Essential Vitamins for Your Pregnancy - Mumberry

Six essential vitamins help with development and growth of your baby, and play an important role in preparing your body for breastfeeding.  

Vitamin A:

Sweet potato, carrot, kale, mango, turnipgreens, pumpkin, dark green leafy vegetables and beef liver. 

Why it’s important: It is essential for the development of your baby’s respiratory system, immune system, vision, bones, and skin. It also helps new moms with postpartum tissue repair and can help fight infections.

Vitamin B12

Meat, fish, poultry, eggs, dairy. 

Why it’s important: It helps with your baby’s mental function and prevents issues such as developmental disorders, growth failure, and anemia.

Vitamin C

Cabbage, cantaloupe, red bell pepper, broccoli, strawberries, oranges, grapefruit and other citrus fruits. 

Why it’s important: It is essential for bone and tissue repair, wound healing, bone growth, and healthy skin. It also helps absorb iron when eaten with other iron-rich foods.

Vitamin D

Milk, fatty fish, egg yolks. 

Why it’s important: It helps form your baby’s bones and teeth and helps absorb calcium. It also helps to prevent pregnancy complications such as preeclampsia.

Vitamin K:

Dark green leafy vegetables. 

Why it’s important: Vitamin K helps the blood clot and avoid obsessive bleeding. It also helps combat the symptoms of morning sickness.

Folic Acid:

Oranges, green leafy vegetables, fortified cereals, dried peas and beans, nuts. 

Why it’s important: Folic Acid helps prevent birth defects of the spinal cord and the brain and aids in the development of the nervous system. It is particularly important for the rapid cell growth of the placenta and your developing baby.




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