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Finding Time To Exercise – A Quick Guide For New Moms

New moms, and especially first time moms, often do not realize the importance of doing some exercising after the baby is born, due to the crazy diaper and feeding schedule in the first weeks and months, as well as sleep deprivation which is a common problem for new mothers.

The truth is, staying active will help get you back in good shape following the 9 months of pregnancy. Exercising can also actually energize you and give you more strength to handle the strenuous schedule of taking care of a newborn.

finding time to exercise with baby as a new mom

Here are some tips on finding time to exercise now that the baby is born:

1. Firstly, engage in a workout method which you actually enjoy. If you are not a runner, don’t force yourself into those runs, because you will just hate it. You may enjoy doing some Zumba or other fun workouts at home instead and will actually have fun with it.


2. If you prefer hiking, take the baby with you. You can use a sling or front carrier for when the baby is very young, and later on use a backpack in which the child can sit. Taking your baby hiking from an early age will help him or her get used to this healthier routine as they grow up, not to mention the health benefits breathing fresh air and enjoying the outdoors has on both you and your newborn baby.


3. You are probably doing this one already, but just in case - take long walks with your baby in a stroller. Walking isn’t running, but it will help you get some exercise on a daily basis, while your baby is enjoying the nice weather outside. When the baby is 6 months or older, you can take it jogging with you in a jogging stroller.

4. Get your partner, parent, or other caregiver to take care of the baby for 30 minutes a day, so that you can enjoy your daily walk or workout by yourself. If you can, get up 30 minutes earlier than your partner and use that time for your daily exercise.


5. Check your local yoga studio for postpartum classes. These are growing in popularity and are very helpful, as they are created especially for new moms and their specialized fitness needs. Many of these classes will include your baby too, so you can enjoy your yoga along with your precious little one. If there isn’t a specialized postpartum yoga class, pick a lower intensity class for some light toning and stretching after giving birth. Fortunately, many yoga studios offer babysitting services, so make sure you pick one with a reliable and sufficient babysitting staff and infrastructure.

6. There are various mom and baby exercise programs available which make the time you spend with your baby in a stroller outside more enjoyable for you and will keep you on the move for longer.


7. Get dumbbells, a skipping rope, or invest in other home exercise equipment to keep you active when the baby is sleeping.

8. Get comfortable exercise clothes and workout shoes. Fun colors will brighten up your day and boost your mood. Make sure you pick shoes that are comfortable. Shoes with a wide toe box are a great option, as they allow your feet room to breathe – these are especially helpful and comfortable if you have bunions.


9. Get some workout DVDs. Get workouts which you know will enjoy, such as: Zumba, aerobics, kickboxing, jazzercise or others. Again, do this while your partner is taking care of the baby or during nap time.


These 9 easy steps are easy to take, but will sure make a difference for your fitness level, your good mood and will improve your energy levels. So even though now it may seem impossible to even go to the bathroom without the baby, you know how easy it actually is to be able to stay active and get back in your pre-pregnancy shape once again.


Author bio: Cara is an editor, writer and researcher who has been featured in various online publications. She manages a number of websites including Comfort Hacks, which focuses on giving advice to people with feet problems, and Fitaholic Gear – a site focused on sports shoes and gear. In her free time, she enjoys reading and spending time with her family.

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