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10 Tips to Stay Fit For Two - Mumberry

Posted on 16 May 2016

1. Talk to your Doc. 

Most pregnant women can exercise without limitations. Discuss specifics with your healthcare provider first!

2. Warm up.
Prepare your muscles and joints for exercise and build up your heart rate slowly.

3. Don’t lie flat on your back.
After the first trimester, avoid exercise that involves lying flat on your back as this decreases blood flow to the uterus.

4. Listen to your body.
Your body will naturally give you signals that it is time to reduce the level of exercise you are performing.

5. Cool down.
Don’t skimp on post-workout stretches and cool down exercises! Staying flexible can alleviate aches and pains.

6. Wear the right gear.
Make sure that your active clothing is cool and moisture-wicking to avoid overheating. Consider pieces that offer belly support to help alleviate pressure in the front as well as support your lower back. You can purchase activewear with integrated support at

7. Eat a healthy diet.
Ensure you are eating a balanced diet, including plenty of fruits, and vegetables.

8. Drink plenty of water.
Make sure to drink enough fluids before, during and after your activity.

9. Rest up.
Remember your body is growing a baby so allow adequate time for recovery and sleep.

10. Do it!
Any movement will help, so get up and get moving!


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