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A Comprehensive Healthy Pregnancy Guide

healthy pregnancy guide

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Pregnancy is indeed a wonderful experience but it is also a time that is characterized by uncertainty. This is because many women have concerns and questions as they face each and every challenge that pregnancy presents to them. It is quite difficult to know exactly what to listen to with pieces of advice coming from every person and that is why it is important to have accurate information. This will help you to arrive at good decisions with regard to how to take proper care of yourself.


Prenatal nutrition

healthy pregnancy nutrition

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Healthy eating is crucial to having a healthy pregnancy. Expectant women need to consume a variety of foods that comprise of nutrients, minerals and vitamins required for a developing baby. In addition, eating well helps the mother feel better, provides them with additional energy and also keeps their weight in check.

Prenatal nutrition should comprise of the following foods:

1. Vegetables and fruits

    Pregnant women require vegetables and fruits on a daily basis. Brightly colored fruits and vegetables contain a significant quantity of the vitamins required by a developing baby. At least one orange and one dark green vegetable every day is the recommended consumption. Ensure that the vegetables and fruits are prepared using little added salt, sugar or fat. Choose fruit and vegetables more than juice even if it is prepared with the best ninja blender.

      2. Grain products

      Grain products ought to be part and parcel of a woman’s daily diet if she wants to have a healthy pregnancy. Grain products here refers to foods such as pasta, rice and bread. Select grain products that are relatively lower in salt, sugar and fat. Pregnant women should aim to consume only whole grain varieties of such foods.

        3. Milk

        Milk together with its alternatives are essential for a growing baby. The low-fat variety is the recommended as it provides pregnant women with high quality vitamin D, calcium and protein but with limited calories and fat. Consumption of milk, a variety of cheese and yogurt is encouraged. Pregnant women who do not drink milk should drink fortified soy beverages instead.

          4. Meat

          Expectant women should consume lean meat and its alternatives as they are less fatty. The alternatives here refer to lentils, tofu, beans, dried peas and fish. These foods should be prepared with little added salt and fat or none at all. However, we often find that many women have trouble tolerating meat, especially during the first trimester. If that’s the case, other protein-rich foods should be substituted to make sure your baby has all the building blocks for a healthy development. Check out this Vegetarian Pregnancy Nutrition Guide for plenty of healthy alternatives!


          Folic acid

          healthy pregnancy guide

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            Folic acid can be defined as one of the B vitamins that is essential for the healthy and proper growth of an unborn baby. It is important for the normal development of the skull, brain and spine of a baby, particularly during the first 4 weeks of pregnancy. This is why it is recommended that expectant mothers and women trying to become pregnancy take vitamin supplements that contain folic acid to decrease the risk of undesirable neural tube defects.



             healthy pregnancy guide

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            Pregnancy and alcohol simply do not mix. Expectant mothers who consume alcohol are at great risk of delivering babies that suffer from Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (popularly known as FASD). These is an array of disabilities that include emotional, mental social and physical.


            Physical activity

            healthy pregnancy guide

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            Regular physical activity is greatly encouraged during pregnancy due to its numerous benefits that include:

            • It helps to increase energy levels.
            • It aids in speeding up a mother’s recovery following labor as well as delivery.
            • It helps to build an expectant woman’s stamina for both labor and delivery.
            • It functions to increase muscle tone, endurance and even strength.
            • It helps to reduce stress and make the mother to relax.
            • It promotes better sleep patterns.
            • It serves to guarantee appropriate weight gain.
            • It improves self-image and mood of the mother.

            The mild physical activities to be performed during pregnancy include swimming, lifting weights, yoga, jogging, walking, and many more (just be sure to avoid these!) Expectant mothers should drink plenty of water before engaging in these physical activities, during and even after completing them. This avoids dehydration and overheating.



            healthy pregnancy guide

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            Smoking during pregnancy is not advised because it deprives the developing baby of nutrients and oxygen. This results in stunted growth and less weight gain. This is regardless of whether the mother is an active smoker or it is passive smoke.


            Oral health

            healthy pregnancy guide

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            Expectant women should take good care of their gums and teeth during pregnancy. This is because hormonal changes experienced during pregnancy can enhance the risk of the mother developing periodontal disease i.e. bone and gum. In addition, poor oral health can also affect the health of the developing baby.



            The above insightful information clearly shows that there is more to facilitating a healthy pregnancy than just making nutritious fruit smoothies with best ninja blender. You can use this as a comprehensive guide for all expectant women who are keen on having a good experience.


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