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How Pregnancy Back Support Can Protect Your Back

Pregnancy can be one of the most fascinating times in a woman’s life. However, pregnancy symptoms can be annoying, painful, and downright uncomfortable. Frequent bathroom breaks, an expanding waistline, and unique cravings, along with one of the most common signs of pregnancy, back pain, can turn your beautiful gift into a stressful time.

According to the American Pregnancy Association, 50 to 70 percent of pregnant women will experience back pain as a result of weight gained in the belly area, which places stress on the lower back and causes vertebrae to bunch up and crowd due to the added tension. During pregnancy, it’s imperative to take care of your back. Many women experience constant back pain and seek relief from that common condition. Apart from doing lower back exercises, it is necessary to get excellent maternity back support for pregnancy as well.

pregnancy back support


  • Provides relief when a woman is continuously working during her pregnancy period.
  • Helps in cases where excess weight is gained.
  • Extra beneficial to women carrying twins
  • Good relief from lower back pain that often happens during pregnancy, i.e., sciatica pain.
  • Offers an alternative to back pain medication during pregnancy which may have negative side effects for your baby
  • Good relief from stretching pains, i.e., ligament discomfort.
  • Perfect for women suffering from hernias while carrying a baby.
  • Good muscle strength is conserved even after delivery of baby

Maternity back support provides optimal support to your abdomen and back as your belly grows during pregnancy. It also takes away the stress and added weight that often causes back pain and soreness which improves your posture, thereby reducing lower back pain related to poor spinal alignment. 



Maternity back support offers instant relief for lower back pain during pregnancy while providing proven, healthy support for your body. To relieve back pain associated with pregnancy, use this great tool which has been shown to protect your back.

pregnancy back support

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