Is it safe to take hot baths while pregnant

Taking a bath is great for reducing pain and can help improve sleep if part of your nightly routine.  However, many doctors recommend to take warm baths, slightly higher than your normal body temperature to avoid any risk.  Is it because any significant rise in your core body temperature, particularly during the first 12 weeks, could negatively impact your baby's development.  


How to safely take a bath

Not sure how to bath properly while pregnant?  Follow these tips to keep you and baby safe:

  • Keep your core body temperature below 100F
  • Set a Timer to monitor bath time
  • Get out of the bath slowly
  • Take a Shower instead

Keep your core body temperature below 100F

It is safe to take warm baths while pregnant provided the water is not hot enough to raise their core body temp to over 100°F for more than 10 minutes
To avoid getting too hot, try to get your bath water close to current body temperature but a bit warmer.  Don't shock your body.  You can use a facet or a floating tub thermometer to monitor water temperature as you draw your bath.  
duck floating thermometer for bathtub

What is a Safe bath temperature during pregnancy in Celsius

Keep your bath close to your resting body temperature of 37° Celsius or (98°F)

Take Shorter Baths

Take shorter baths if you going to use warmer water. Monitor how long you are in the tub, avoid taking long baths using a water proof timer or phone app.

Digital Bathroom Shower Wall Clock Timer with Alarm



Get out of the bath slowly

Changes in body temperature and blood volume during pregnancy can result in dizziness.  As a result, dizziness can also occur when exiting the tub.

Get up slowly and let your body adjust to temperature change. Use handrails. Install anti-slip strips in your bath and around the rub area.

In Summary

Baths are great for reducing pain and improving sleep but you must be careful to not raise your core body temperature for more than 10 minutes. 

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