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Lauren Conrad's Number One Tip For Dressing Your Baby Bump

Lauren Conrad, Fit Pregnancy & Baby AND Parents Magazine's July covergirl + The Hills Alum, has always had great style and an eye for fashion. And she's made no exception to staying fashionable during her pregnancy.

lauren conrad fitted maternity clothes
Photo: Fit Pregnancy // Brian Bowen Smith

When FitPregnancy & Baby asked Lauren what her top tips for dressing as a mom-to-be, she didn't hold back!

Her number one tip?


“I definitely show off my bump. Maybe it’s because it’s my first pregnancy and I’m so excited. I spent the first trimester trying to cover it up, but since we announced, I haven’t tried to hide it..."

You go, LC. When else in your life will you be able to actively EMBRACE having a huge belly? Find all the fitted pieces you can and show off that adorable pregnant figure.

This also happens to be something our designers/boss-moms/owners were passionate about while working on the Mumberry collection. They wanted pieces to be flattering and were adamant that being pregnant should NOT equal being frumpy.

Check out our line of bump-skimming pieces today!

What do you think- go fitted or go loose?


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