Everything You Need To Know About Maternity Workout Clothes: Part 4 - Mumberry

Everything You Need To Know About Maternity Workout Clothes: Part 4 - Mumberry

Here at Mumberry, we are committed to giving you ladies the BEST workout clothing available to help keep you moving and healthy during your fit pregnancy. And did we mention looking incredibly stylish? In this series of blog posts, we’ll detail what to look for when shopping for maternity workout wear and what makes Mumberry the best for mums who move.

Today we are covering our final topic in this four-part series and we think it’s a quite important one! We’re talking about support for the ladies, ladies! That’s right, a supportive bra is an integral part of your pregnancy apparel. 

If you haven’t already, chances are you’ll have to purchase a new sports bra before these 9 months are up. It’s a well-known fact that your whole body is changing and growing with this little bump, and the breasts are no exception. During pregnancy, developing glandular tissues could add at least a few ounces per breast! Wow! Can we get some support in here, please?!

But what kind of bra is best? Where can I find maximum support and comfort? Experts say that any sports bra with a wide strap will work wonders. If you don’t have adequate support for the growing weight in your chest, chances are that you’ll experience neck and/or back pain and even frequent headaches. That sounds like the last thing we need! “Wearing sports bras with racer backs during pregnancy is great,” says Tanya Chaney, president of the National Association of Myofascial Trigger Point Therapists, who treats head and neck pain in pregnant women. Sports bras have wide straps that connect in the middle of the back and evenly distribute the weight of the breasts.” 

woman wearing maternity workout clothes

All Mumberry tank tops, with a high support bra built right in, have everything you need in one simple top! You don’t have to worry about buying more sports bras or wearing 2 at once just to get adequate support. What a game changer! Not only that, but all of our Mumberry products are made with comfortable and stretchy fabrics that move with you. No pinching involved! 

Mumberry bras also feature removable bra pads and let’s just say these bra pads are on another level! They are the Michael Jordan of bra pads. Other bra pads try to compete, but they will never be this legendary. These pads are thick and smooth, protecting from any nipple …issues, and are super absorbent, perfect for those sweaty workouts! They also come in handy after delivery, covering you from any leakage issues that happen while nursing.  And with superb contouring, these bra pads give more padding on the bottom of the cup, meaning extra support and a lift that would make Patrick Swayze in Dirty Dancing proud.

woman wearing supportive maternity workout clothes

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