Is meditation good while pregnant?

Is meditation good while pregnant?

Meditation is an excellent way for pregnant women for feel more comfortable, relaxed and cheerful. As your baby is growing, it is amazing to feel it taking shape. But all the changes and developments you are witnessing in your own body are not easy to handle.




How can I meditate during pregnancy?

Do not worry if you are new to meditation, as this guide covers the simplest and best meditation practices and tips for pregnant women.  I'll share how to perform the following types of meditations:

  • Deep Breathing 

  • Om Chanting

  • Deep Breathing Meditation

  • Think Beautiful. Chant Mantras

  • Relax and visualize peacefully

  • Deep Belly Meditation

Deep Breathing Meditation

Deep breathing is the simplest and most basic meditation technique.

For expectant women, it is a very powerful way of washing away the stress. Keep the mind blank and relaxed while doing it.

Start with slow and effortless inhaling through the nose and exhale in the same way. Take nearly double the time to release the breath that you do to inhale. Think optimistically while inhaling. Let the tensions and negativity erode away while exhaling.

Deep breathing is the best way to calm down your mind and regain the concentration. For those women who are new to meditation, the best practice is to start with deep breathing.

Om Chanting during Pregnancy

To attain inner peace and clear the mind, there is no way better than Chanting Om or Omkar. It is an amazing breathing exercise too.

The positive vibes, spreading along through this meditation technique, are good for pregnant women and the unborn baby.

Chanting Om is not very difficult. You can do it effortlessly. Sit on the ground either in Padmasana position or simply crossing your legs. The ‘O’ (pronounced Au) will go louder slowly, finally turning into ‘M’ with sealed lips.

Doing it in nature and at the time of sunrise is best for everyone.

Bundling 3 Om sounds and chanting ‘O’ and ‘M’ in time ratio of 3:1, 1:1 and 1:3 for the respective turns will give you the complete benefits.

Think Beautiful. Chant Mantras during Pregnancy

Meditation is not only about breathing and sitting silently in some green place- you can always practice it along with your daily routine.

For expectant women, basic meditation can start from thinking positive all the day. Staying happy is good for the health of baby and mother.

Words have a lot of power, especially when they are coming directly from the heart. Chanting mantras is another good way of meditation as it helps in healing our stress, and lets us concentrate on good things.

Relax and visualize peacefully

Expectant women can relax their “third eye” for exercising the basic meditation. The part of your forehead, lying between your eyebrows is called the third eye.

Clearing off thoughts and relaxing your central forehead helps gain the strength for your body and a sound sleep too.

Deep Belly Meditation for pregnant women

The Deep Belly meditation is a wonderful way of connecting to the baby.

Place your hands on your belly and observe the sensations of your developing child. Close your eyes and let your thoughts float away. Deep breathing with this warm feeling is great for pregnant ladies. You can start with about 5 minutes of deep belly meditation, and add a few minutes each week.

woman doing meditation during pregnancy

Tips for improving Mediation

Mediation gives you the power to experience the zeal of motherhood with full energy and joy. There are some tips for pregnant women, which can be added to the meditation routine to make it even better!

Listen to music

The background meditation music at low pitch can help you in concentrating and relaxing more than ever.

Talk to your future baby

Talking to the baby inside your belly is a good way to start forming that deep connection with her, and is amazing for filling in good thoughts.

Be effortless

The aim of meditation is to make the day joyful and energetic. Doing it effortlessly will give you extra happiness.

In Summary

Meditation during pregnancy is always a great way to connect with the inner self and find peace. It is beneficial for everyone, but especially for expectant mothers. Meditating daily can benefit you and your baby with its position vibrations. So, start it soon and feel great!



 apana, an expert on meditation during pregnancy
Author: Sapana is a mother of 2 boys and is a software engineer. Besides running a small company of websites and graphics designing she loves to write on her blog: about parenting, healthy lifestyle, and about meditation.

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