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Your New Favorite Maternity Workout Pants

Finding the perfect maternity workout pants is a lot like finding a best friend.

Mostly because they ARE a pregnant girls best friend.

And you want the same qualities in each, really.

You want them to be supportive, to make you look good, to not let you down, and to be worth the investment you're putting into them - right, sista?

The Move Maternity Workout Pants offer you all that and more.

move maternity workout pants

Hidden belly and back support from the built-in Mumband® means you're supported through whatever your day throws at you. Whether that's tackling an intense workout, an intense day, or chasing an intense toddler. (Hey, we get it.)

The flattering fit, cute side ruching on the bottom, and seams in ~all the right places~ make you look good from the first trimester to the last.

Because being pregnant doesn't have to mean looking frumpy.

Ultra-comfy and high-quality fabrics won't fade when you throw them in the washing machine, and are thick enough that you won't have to worry about them passing the "see through test".

maternity workout pants with belly support

The integrated side pocket is big enough to hold a smart phone, keys, lip gloss, or whatever else you need to be able to access quickly throughout your day.

These maternity workout pants are comfortable, stylish, supportive, and functional - and we're not the only ones who think so.

In fact, quite a few mamas deemed these their favorite maternity workout pants. (So it's no surprise they're our bestsellers!)

Where you've seen them:

maternity workout pants back view

Jess at Positively Oakes says "Mumberry is where it’s at! Their clothes are so comfy and give the absolute best support with their Mumband® belly support! Plus, they’re pretty cute if I do say so myself."

maternity workout pants for prenatal workouts

Jennifer of Kinetic Fix knew she loved them as soon as she opened her package! "Right out of the box I could tell they were high-quality products, both from the weight of the fabric and the solid construction. And even though I’ve got a few more weeks until I can fully fill them out, they’re perfectly comfortable for those weird pre-bump and post-baby stages when you want to wear something a little body-skimming without feeling too self-conscious about every lump and soft spot.

maternity workout pants that support your pregnant bump

Megan from Everyday Family: "Would I recommend this product to expecting friends? ABSOLUTELY! Us expecting gals already struggle with not fitting into all of our regular clothes, it’s nice to feel comfortable, supported, and confident in gear that’s worn while you’re working to stay healthy and fit for you and baby.

Other places you've seen us: (Images via Allison Holker,  and Pure Fit Pure Food)

maternity workout pants for prenatal yoga  maternity workout clothes with support   maternity workout pants with built-in mumband  maternity workout pants for pilates


After pregnancy, you can fold the band down and wear them while your belly still needs a little extra support.

{So what do you think? Are these maternity workout pants your new BFFs? Snag them today here!}


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