Why Pilates During Pregnancy is a Total Must-Do

Why Pilates During Pregnancy is a Total Must-Do

pilates during pregnancy in maternity activewear

Pilates is a perfect way to strengthen all of the muscles you will use throughout your pregnancy, during labor and delivery, and beyond.  It strengthens your body without straining it.

If you practice regularly throughout your pregnancy, Pilates can also help you recover faster after labor, since your core muscles will be nice and strong!

pilates during pregnancy with maternity activewear

What are the benefits of Pilates during Pregnancy

Some other of the benefits of Pilates are: 

    • Increased core strength to support a growing bump
    • Stronger pelvic floor (your pushing muscle during labor)
    • Decreased risk of diastasis recti (when your abdominal muscles separate as your belly expands)

    • Improved balance

    • Supported spine

    • Faster post-partum recovery

    • Reduce risk of pregnancy complications

    • Can help you grow a healthier baby (and no one’s complaining about that, right?!)

pilates during pregnancy with maternity activewear

Precautions to take during pregnancy:

    • Avoid any movement that places you flat on your back (you can use props to help you avoid this)
    • Avoid movements that place you flat on your stomach
    • Avoid Deep stretching, since your body is flowing with relaxin and it’s easier to injure yourself

    • Be extra careful using apparatuses like the cadillac and reformer, since there’s a higher risk of falling while getting on and off

    • Avoid heavy abdominal work (crunch-like exercises) to lower risk of diastasis recti

pilates during pregnancy with maternity activewear


Do we have to talk you into it, or are you ready to get moving?  Check Top 10 Prenatal Pilates Exercises to get started, local Pilates studio, or even look on YouTube for some great at home pilates workouts. 

**Special thanks to Pure Fit Pure Food and Michelle Hanson Photography for the stunning photos featuring our Boost Maternity Tank and the Move Workout Capris!

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