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8 Pregnancy Essentials to Get You Through the Next 9 Months

Your boobs are sore, your skin is stretching, your back aches, and you have to pee every five minutes. Pregnancy is uncomfortable! Fortunately there are plenty of pregnancy essentials that can help get you through the next nine months. We've put together a list that will make your pregnancy much more bearable, and dare we say it, comfortable!

pregnancy essentials jojo's chocolate coupon
  • Jojo’s Chocolate

It’s low in sugar, dairy-free, moderate in protein, and absolutely delicious. And what pregnant woman doesn’t want chocolate?

When it’s essential: Forever?
Find it here: Jojo’s Chocolate, and use code mumberry10 for 10% off.


pregnancy essentials leachco snoogle pregnancy pillow
  • Pregnancy Pillow

Being rested is half the battle of feeling good during pregnancy. And it’s so darn difficult getting settled into a comfortable position. A pregnancy pillow helps you get adjusted in ~just~ the right way to assure you sleep like a (woman having) a baby. Well, until you have to get up to pee again.

When it’s essential: late second trimester until delivery. And maybe after if we’re being honest.
Find it here: Leachco Snoogle Total Body Pillow


pregnancy essentials belly support leggings
  • Mumberry Maternity Back + Belly Support Capris

During pregnancy, the weight of your growing belly throws your entire body out of alignment, making everything hurt. Your back, round ligaments, and associated muscles will start to ache. Wearing maternity support pants can help gently lift your belly, alleviating the weight and giving your poor back a break! These capris especially are designed to last you the entire nine months, and through multiple pregnancies.

When it’s essential: second and third trimesters, but they can be worn as soon as you see the plus sign on your pregnancy test!
Find it here: Mumberry Back + Belly Support Capris


pregnancy essentials maternity bra
  • Well-Fitting Bra

Every woman knows the struggle of finding the perfect bra. One that doesn’t pinch, or cause back bulge, or dig into your shoulders, or gap, or….okay you get it – there are a LOT of ways for your bra to annoy you. Buy a quality bra that will ensure you are comfortable during your entire pregnancy and after. This bra features………

When it’s essential: all nine months!
Find it here: Cake Maternity + Nursing Bra


pregnancy essentials safe skincare
  • Nice, safe skincare

Some decisions are easy to make during pregnancy - like taking a prenatal vitamin or not consuming raw fish. But others, like which skincare to use, can be more difficult (and confusing!) Luckily, pregnant women today have a lot more options for skincare lines that are perfectly safe for your baby. Figure 8 Maternity has a great collection of products to suit every skin need!

When it's essential: pre-conception until you're done breastfeeding
Find it here: Figure 8 Maternity Personal Care


psi bands nausea bands
  • PsiBands Acupressure Anti-Nausea Wrist Bands

Morning sickness and nausea plagues 90% of pregnant women. But it should be more accurately called “all-day sickness.” These anti-nausea wrist bands for morning sickness are a subtle way to minimize your suffering until it passes – and they come in cute patterns!! What’s not to love?

When it's essential: First Trimester and whenever else necessary
Find it here: PsiBands


pregnancy essentials maternity dress
  • Maternity Dress

A cute, comfy dress that stretches with you all the way through your pregnancy will be your go-to. This form fitting, ruched body con dress is flattering and will show off your cute bump in all the right ways! We also LOVE that it comes in so many different colors and patterns. You'll be so glad you have it on those days when nothing seems to fit.

When it's essential: all nine months!
Find it here: Bhome Bodycon Maternity Dress


pregnancy essentials maternity pjs
  • Maternity + Nursing Friendly PJs

Sleep can be hard to come by during pregnancy, so make it a little easier on yourself by investing in some seriously soft and stretchy maternity pajamas. As a bonus, try a set that can do double duty by working as a nursing pajama set as well. It will make all those late night feedings a little more seamless, and gets you more bang for your buck.

When it's essential: all nine months + while nursing
Find it here: Women's Maternity + Nursing Pajama Set

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