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Survey: Pregnant Women's #1 Struggle Is Fatigue & Exhaustion

This just in: the biggest problem pregnant women face is fatigue and exhaustion.

You might be rolling your eyes, thinking "DUH!"

But hear us out. :)

We conducted a survey in order to figure out the biggest problem for pregnant women. We asked all kinds of questions about pregnancy, prenatal workouts, maternity clothing preferences, and more so that we could learn how we can best serve you.

We asked women about their biggest pregnancy struggles regarding exercise, and fatigue and exhaustion were the most common problems they faced. 

Here are some more of the more specific answers:


"I'm SO tired after working a full day"

"So tired. All. The. Time."

"Chasing my toddler and living the rest of my life is a workout by itself."

We could go on and on, but you get the picture.

You're growing a human - and that is HARD WORK!

When asked about eating healthy meals during pregnancy, most women responded that they simply didn't feel like planning the meals.

Making meal plans and shopping lists take a lot of mental effort that you might not be up for during pregnancy.

We totally get it. Combine growing a tiny human with having a spouse, a threenager, older kids that need to be at extracurricular activities, a job outside the home, and all your other responsibilities, no wonder your body is exhausted.

Who feels like being active or cooking meals every day when you've got all this other stuff going on?!

Something we saw and experienced firsthand as we designed our Mumband apparel, and over and over again during our pregnancies, is that when you’re pregnant and not feeling so great, the best thing that you can do for your body is MOVE.

Start small if you have to, because even going for a short walk is going to feel better than laying on the couch as soon as you get home from work. Just move!

We know that sounds cliche...but trust us when we say WE'VE BEEN THERE, and we know how it feels to have no energy. 

We want to help you see and feel the POWER of having an active and healthy help you feel better, muscle through labor and delivery, and support the overall health of you an your baby.

So here's our offer to you.

pregnancy total health belly support bundle

Our Total Health Bundle is up for grabs...included you'll find:

  • Our best sellers (The Flourish Maternity Tank + The Move Maternity Capris BOTH with built-in Mumband belly and back support)
  • The Healthy Bump Prenatal Nutrition Guide + 2 Week Meal Plan (complete with shopping lists, daily nutrient checklists, management for pregnancy symptoms, and more)
  • Move Your Bump Total Body Workout Video instant download, including 8 easy-to-digest, 5-minute targeted workouts

This bundle is guaranteed to keep you MOVING and feeling ENERGIZED.

It will support your achy back and belly, keeping you comfortable and in less pain, allowing you to stay active for longer into your pregnancy.

Want to feel better and have more energy?

Check out the bundle now!


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