Get Into the FLOW with Prenatal Yoga! - Mumberry

Get Into the FLOW with Prenatal Yoga! - Mumberry

Ommm….my goodness!! Have you tried your hand at prenatal yoga? If you haven’t, you should! Prenatal yoga is one of the BEST things you can do for your pregnant body. And while it requires some modifications, (like most things in pregnancy, right?) it can make a huge difference in your pregnancy and delivery experience.

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What is it? – Prenatal yoga is a yoga practice designed specifically for pregnant women, and includes special breathing practices and poses that will help you prepare for contractions during delivery. And while you and your bump are bending, breathing, and stretching every kind of way, you’ll want a supportive pair of yoga pants! Girl, we’ve got you covered!

Other than getting some great breathing patterns down for the birthing process, you’re also providing many benefits to both you and baby!

Some known benefits are:

– Relaxation: All of the deep breathing in prenatal yoga can help calm you and your pregnancy worries, and the stretching can have the same effect (as your body sometimes gets to feeling nice and crowded when there’s another human inhabiting it!)

– Increased flexibility: If you make it a part of your practice to do hip-opening sequences, prenatal yoga can increase the flexibility of these joints, which can improve your labor experience. Stretchier/flexible joints = greater range of motion during delivery.

– Repositioning baby: Certain sequences like cat/cow, and other prenatal yoga moves can help to get that baby into position if you’re having a particularly tough time with a baby in breech position.

– Increased strength: Just like normal hatha yoga, prenatal yoga works your core, to make your body stronger and, in this case, more prepared for a smooth delivery.

There are many more, such as increased circulation/blood flow, a stronger immune system, and improvements in general fitness and muscle tone.

Are you convinced yet?

Try this quick, 15-minute prenatal yoga workout from Sarah Fit (who’s wearing Mumberry from head to toe) that you can do right from the comfort of your own living room! Mumberry can also provide you with some fabulous and supportive yoga pants and tank tops to help support your bump while you get into the flow of this great workout.

Want to wear Sarah’s outfit? We got you!:)

Shop our Flourish Maternity Tank with Mumband Belly Support and Move Maternity Active Capri with Mumband Belly Support!

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For more great prenatal workouts, check out our YouTube channel!

Namaste! ;)

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