How Long Should You Keep Your Pregnancy a Secret? - Mumberry

How Long Should You Keep Your Pregnancy a Secret? - Mumberry

When is the best time to tell the world the happy news?  Most of us have a strong desire to SHOUT IT FROM THE ROOFTOPS as soon as we see the plus sign, but few of us actually do that! (Mainly because standing on rooftops is not safe for you or your baby! Please NEVER stand on rooftops to share ANY kind of news!)

Many people believe it’s best to wait until the 12 week mark. Some people follow that “rule” to a tee and others couldn’t care less about it. So why the differing views? Here are three reasons we’ve found that affect a couple’s decision of when to share news with others.

The first reason is the belief that the chance of miscarriage drops dramatically after the first trimester so couples prefer to wait for the majority of risk to pass. Sharing such happy news with everyone only to have to share sad news shortly thereafter is not something most people want to deal with. But the truth is most miscarriages actually happen so early in the pregnancy that most women don’t even know they have conceived yet. Also, every week your chances of a miscarriage drop, and after you see the heartbeat on an ultrasound it can give you even more reassurance. Listen to your heart and your body and they’ll help you decide if you should wait or not.

Another reason for wanting to delay telling the world is “unwanted advice”.  Whether if from your great-aunt Betty, neighbors, or the cashier at the grocery store, there’s not much escaping people thinking they have the answer to success. Hey, some of them may have valid points! But even if it’s not something you agree with, just grin and move on. It’s simply a part of life.

The last reason is worrying about how your work will handle the news. Many women fear their boss and coworkers may start treating them differently after hearing news of their bundle of joy. There’s also potential of getting duties cut back once the news breaks. Sometimes, due to work environment and the health of your baby, you could need to tell your boss sooner than you’d like. Just be aware that the Law is in your favor.

Honestly though, you are the ruler of your own domain! It’s 100% up to you and your partner when, and how, to share the news. You gotta be you!

So what do you think? Is it best to wait a few months or not? Leave us a comment! Share your feelings!


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