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5 Simple Ways New Mums Can Take Care of Their Emotional Wellbeing


long months of waiting have finally arrived. You have delivered a miracle into the world. You now have your beautiful baby in your arms, and you must be brimming with excitement for the days ahead. Well, you’ve probably realized by now that you’re practically up at all hours! But look at that bundle of joy!

Welcome to the Secret Society of (Tired) Mothers.

Still, as a mom (albeit a new one), do you sometimes wish that you could have just a sliver of time all to yourself?


how to pamper yourself as a new mum


You are not alone. In fact, you can ask any mom in the world and you would most likely get the same sentiments. However much as you may love your adorable babe, it is undeniable that moms like you also wish to have a bit of rest. In between feedings, irregular sleep, and a gazillion other things to take care of, a breather would be most welcome.


Caring for yourself is important. You cannot pour from an empty cup, as they say. Stubbornly dedicating 100% of your time to caring for your child will deplete your energy, make you cranky, and might even cause you to be resentful.


Being burned out physically can take its toll on your emotional health. You have to be emotionally stable to be able to give proper care, love, and attention to your baby.


Here are some ways that you can give yourself a bit of TLC:

1. Get some rest.

You need to rest and rejuvenate. When you are rested enough, you have a clearer mind and calmer disposition. Recharging your batteries will give you enough energy to care for your child.

Take time to do things that you need to do. Even taking a bath becomes a luxury when you have a kid, but you obviously still need to do that. And please, sleep while your baby is napping.


2. Share responsibilities.

When you have a partner, discuss and divide responsibilities. A few weeks after delivery, moms are not supposed to take on chores, especially ones that require heavy lifting; so, divide and conquer.


3. Ask for assistance.

If you’re raising your child alone, seek assistance from close family members or trusted friends to come by and look after your child while you go and take a breather.

You can also enlist the help of a baby care service, babysitter, or nanny. There are professional care experts that specialize in caring for infants, and you can benefit from their skills, training, and experience.


4. Go easy on yourself.

Let go of the guilt. You might think that you are not doing enough or you do not have the right to rest. Having the baby blues is normal, but if you find yourself feeling exceedingly unhappy or inadequate, talk to your doctor or a trusted friend. It is better to talk about your feelings than go down the route of postpartum depression.


5. Thou shalt not compare.

You are unique and thus, have your own wonderful ways of caring for your child. Stop comparing yourself to other moms. You all have your missions, so just do your best to care for your child, and wish other moms well.


As a new mom, you might think that the world will collapse if you do not attend to your baby 24/7. Don’t worry, it won’t. You don’t need to keep your eyes lasered-in on your little one round-the-clock.


You are human after all, and you also need your fair share of time to do what normal beings do. There is no shame in admitting that you would love an uninterrupted soak in the bath, time to read a book, or simply stare at the walls. Make time for your hobbies and interests, have a cuppa Joe with friends, or take a stroll. Your mind, body and heart, and especially your baby, will thank you for it.





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