5 Fun Ways to Lose Weight & Get a Smaller Waist After Pregnancy

So the 3 am feeds are history now, you have graduated from bottle feeds to finger foods, and you are well into your routine as a mom. Thing seem to be getting back to normal day by day. However, you still can’t seem to get your waist back and you spend a lot of time wondering how to make your waist smaller.

It is only natural for women to long for their pre-pregnancy bodies. Unfortunately, most women assume that they will be unable to get their waistline back even long after the newborn days are gone. The secret to a slimmer waist though, is through goal setting exercises.

Here are a few amazing tips for a slim waist.

how to get a smaller waist after pregnancy

Before getting into the details, it's necessary to bust the myth that you can lose weight in just one area of your body. This myth has a tendency to damage one’s self-esteem and thwarts the efforts to get to a better body. Your body can only lose weight and tone all over, not just in one place.

Eat healthy

eat healthy for a smaller waist after pregnancy

A healthy body weight should be your priority. Following a healthy diet is a great way to help shed excess weight and keep it off. Aim to eat well-balanced meals. Eat five small meals daily, focusing on whole grains, fresh fruits, lean proteins, and vegetables. Avoid junk foods that are fatty and have loads of empty calories. Eating healthy will help you lose the excess fat on your body especially around your belly. However, for a slimmer physique, you need to complement your diet with exercise.

Exercise regularly

how to exercise for a smaller waist after pregnancy

There is no way you will get a smaller waist without regular exercise. Goal setting exercises are ideal since you gain direction during your fitness program. Exercising three to four days a week is ideal for new moms. Do not fall for any products or pills that promise you a smaller waist without exercise. Even if they bring results, the odds of the weight staying off are low.

Here are a few fun, safe and low-intensity exercises

Belly dancing

This is a high energy dance routine that lets you whittle your waist as you work out your midsection. It is an excellent form of exercise to get your waist back. It helps to tighten and tone your abdominal muscles. It also helps improve your balance, coordination, and flexibility as well as improving your self-confidence.


Zumba is another dance routine that offers fun music, fun steps and great exercise for toning your hips, thighs, abdomen, and waist. It helps you burn a lot of calories without even noticing. Zumba incorporates a lot of hip and abdomen movements which is perfect for getting your waist back. Today, Zumba is so popular that many mommy/baby Zumba classes are popping up in dance studios for you and your child to have fun together.

Fitness Hula Hoop

Unlike the typical hula hoop that you played with as a kid, these are much larger and heavier. Spinning your hula hoop around your waist is an excellent way to train your abdominal muscles and get a slimmer waist. This exercise does not take too much time, and the results can be visible as soon as 6 weeks into your 4 minutes daily hula hoop work out.

Core workouts

Core workouts will not only help you get a smaller waist but will also help ease your back pain, improve your posture and tone your abs. Using a balance ball is a great way to work your core. Since the ball keeps you slightly off balance, it forces your core to kick in to prevent you from tipping over.

Bicycle Crunches

Crunches are key to a smaller waist. There are different types of crunches to try depending on your body’s strength and how far it has recovered since child birth. However, the bicycle crunch is ideal for a slimmer waist. This exercise helps you work in some cardio and fire up your abs. As you alternate a knee raise and a torso twist, you get to hit your entire abdominal wall, firing up your abs and generating momentum that gets your heart pumping at a faster rate. 

Finally, don’t forget the importance of the fit of your clothes. Even the fittest girl will look like she has a muffin top if she wears pants that are too small. Take time when shopping for clothes, especially jeans. Wearing clothes that fit your body size is a great way to accentuate your slim waist. 

Above all, go gentle on the exercises and be healthy!



About the author: Hector is the founder of NightmareWorkout, where he and his associates blog with many years of professional experience in the fitness world. He’s glad to share all his knowledge to help you if you just don't know what to do and when or where to start your road to being physically healthy. He'll even do some research for your questions if required. Problems, solved!

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