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Stop Telling Women Trying To Get Pregnant To ‘Just Relax’

We all know that giving birth to a new life is nothing short of a miracle. But these days, reasons like stress, hormonal problems, unhealthy lifestyles and other similar factors lead to more and more problems in conceiving. What often comes next is the anxiety and depression caused due to it. How many times is a woman is unable to conceive even after repetitive efforts? And how many times has a woman has been told to relax? People who suggest this need to understand that de-stressing won’t alone solve the problem. Here are some of the real problems which might be an obstacle in conceiving a baby. 

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Linking stress with infertility

If you’re linking stress with infertility, then you’re believing in the myths. According to a recent study by the New York Magazine, stress can contribute to the fertility struggles but it can’t be blamed entirely. There are also many other reasons leading to it. You could be spending a holiday on a cruise and still might not be able to conceive. So, simply not stressing is not the solution. There might be a problem with your body that affects your ability to get pregnant.


PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome)

PCOS is a disorder which leads to the imbalance of a woman’s hormones. It also leads to irregularities in your periods and makes it difficult to get pregnant. PCOS also leads to weight gain and if not treated in time, it could lead to serious health problems such as diabetes and heart diseases. This disorder occurs when a number of small cysts grow on the ovaries. That’s the reason it is known as Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. These cysts are not harmful but they do lead to hormonal imbalances. Early diagnosis and treatment would be helpful in preventing long-term problems.


Diminished Ovarian Reserve (DOR)

DOR is a condition in which the ovary loses its normal reproductive potential which leads to the compromising of fertility. It normally occurs with age and is a challenge to treat. As the women age, the potential of a woman to conceive declines. Illness or genetic abnormalities are also responsible for Diminished Ovarian Reserve. Patients with DOR should take a blood test for Fragile X Syndrome, a condition that leads to early ovarian failure. It is also responsible for causing intellectual disability and autism. You may need to keep a tab on the systems such as shortening of the menstrual rhythm which means (28-day cycle would be reduced to 24 days). Once a woman reaches menopause stage, she might experience trouble sleeping, missed menstrual periods and vaginal dryness as a result of DOR.


Ovulation problems

When eggs don’t mature in the ovaries or when the ovaries don’t release a mature egg, an ovulation problem occurs. Possible symptoms of ovulation problems are infrequent or absent periods, unusually heavy or light bleeding, bloating and breast tenderness. However, these problems could be treated by controlling your body weight if it is too low or too high, taking fertility drugs, or having IVF (in vitro fertilization).



This is a condition where a woman’s uterine lining grows in different parts of her body; her abdomen, bladder, bowels, etc. Also, Endometriosis can block your Fallopian tubes. Women suffering from this condition can also experience severe pains and inability to work or socialize. Endometriosis takes a number of years to get diagnosed and women might suffer a lot in their professional as well as personal life. And, relaxing is in no way going to solve this problem. 


Yes, it is true to say that relaxing can calm your mind and body. But it should never opt against a medical treatment. Be sure to take everything into account and consult a medical or holistic professional if you’re having problems with infertility.


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