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5 Stress Relieving Kitchen Gadgets for New Mothers

Becoming a mother is both rewarding and challenging. For first time moms, it is heavy on the challenging because there are so many new things to learn. You need to stretch your patience as you change your lifestyle. The main features of the new experiences that you have are the new responsibilities that you need to add to the existing ones. If you are thinking of the things you need to do at home, here is a smart appliance site and stress-relieving kitchen gadgets that can help you:


bottle warmer

Bottle Warmer

Every mom needs a bottle warmer. This is one of the necessities that should be found in your kitchen. You can't put breastmilk in the microwave, so this is a safe, convenient alternative. They come with different features, so choose the one that will fit the need in your kitchen. A bottle warmer can help you heat the milk to just the right temperature, and it also has a feature that will maintain the lukewarm status of the milk. And the most important thing about it is you don't have to worry about losing the nutritional value of the milk. It will still be retained!

Find it here: The First Years Quick Serve Bottle Warmer


digital measuring spoon

Digital measuring spoon

If you are having a hard time weighing butter, sugar, and other condiments, a digital measuring spoon is the best product for your kitchen. You have a lot of choices depending on your need when you look for one. You can choose from a battery powered or solar powered measuring spoon. There are specific spoons for different products. All you need to do is to identify what you need. For food products that you would need to use in heavier amounts, there are bigger scales. And most of them can be easily cleaned. As a first time mom, you still have a lot to learn about efficiency and this product can help simplify your cooking process.

Find it here: Gourmia Spoon Scale


portion control system

Portion Control Containers

One of the things that first time mothers take for granted is their weight. If you want to help yourself lose some pounds and get back in shape (in time, of course), a portion control system is perfect for you. This can help you determine the amount of calories that you need. It is a gadget that will help you know if you are still in the right track in your diet program. Having this in your kitchen will definitely make maintaining a healthy weight easier.

Find it here: Efficient Nutrition Portion Control System 







Fuzzy rice cooker

This new innovation in the area of rice cookers is something that you should have at home. It will save you time and it can really help you in cooking efficiently. What makes a fuzzy rice cooker different from other ordinary rice cookers is that it works with the aid of algorithms and mathematical equations to make the necessary adjustments in cooking. It has its own mechanism that will slow down or cook in a manner that will be perfect for the type of rice that is being cooked. If you are cooking brown rice, porridge rice, white rice or even sushi rice, there is a specific cooking cycle that you can only experience when you use the fuzzy rice cooker.

Find it here: Zojirushi Neuro Fuzzy Rice Cooker








Juice extractor

If you are planning on preparing healthy food for your family, you should consider an easier way to extract juice from fruits. Now that you have so many new things to do, any gadget that simplifies your kitchen processes helps. A juice extractor ensures that you will be able to get all the nutrients from the fruit as you also get rid of the other undesired parts, in a fraction of the time..

Find it here: Aicock Juicer/Juice Extractor


As a mother, prioritizing the needs of your kids without forgetting to take care of yourself is crucial. Your health and the health of your whole family is very important. With the help of modern technology and the gadgets that are now available, you can now do your job faster and more efficiently. If you know how to choose the best gadget or kitchen equipment that you can have at home, you will save yourself from stress and even save some time you can use on self-care instead!

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