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How Long Should You Keep Your Pregnancy a Secret? - Mumberry

When is the best time to tell the world the happy news?  Most of us have a strong desire to SHOUT IT FROM THE ROOFTOPS as soon as we see the plus sign, but few of us actually do that! (Mainly because standing on rooftops is not safe for you or your baby! Please NEVER stand on rooftops to share ANY kind of news!) Many people believe it’s best to wait until the 12 week mark. Some people follow that “rule” to a tee and others couldn’t care less about it. So why the differing views? Here are three reasons we’ve found that affect a couple’s decision of when to share news with others. The first reason is the belief that the chance...

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Mum Pick: Leachco Snoogle Total Body Pillow - Mumberry

We love this body pillow! Not only does it support all those areas you need during pregnancy, it feels like fluffy arms giving you a hug. And who doesn’t want that? Its unique shape allows you to sleep with the pillow supporting your back and/or your belly (we like both!). Either direction still provides a pillow for your head and support between your knees. When your pregnancy gets to the point when it’s just impossible to get comfortable, we found some comfort with this pillow. And after delivery, it works great for nursing or to help prop your baby up! The only negatives we found were that the Snoogle pillow is pretty large, so it probably won’t be able to...

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