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Beds, Blankets, and Bumps: The Proper way to Sleep for Moms-to-be

woman sleeping during pregnancy

Getting a good night's sleep during pregnancy is hard. A pregnant woman’s body is preparing for the event of childbirth and is in working hard developing their baby. Getting sufficient rest is a necessary part of a woman’s pregnancy. However, it is strange that when the body needs it most, it can sabotage our sleep quality big time.

Finding an ideal sleeping position will always change in each trimester, and it can be considered a big challenge, too. Here are a few things pregnant women can do to avoid twist and turns in the nighttime hours.


Sleeping On Tummy During Pregnancy

sleeping on stomach during pregnancy

It is okay for women that are in the early stages of their pregnancy to sleep on their tummy. However, this sleeping position is not advisable, especially for a prolonged period. This sleeping position can affect the woman’s blood circulation and potentially cause harm to the baby.

Doctors and experts recommend that women in the second and third trimesters should avoid sleeping on their stomach. This position can also press the baby against the vena cava, the vein responsible for carrying blood back to the heart.


Sleeping On the Back

sleeping on the back during pregnancy

During the first trimester, pregnant women don’t need to worry about their sleeping position. However, when they are in their second trimester, they need to avoid sleeping on their back.

When they lie on their back, the uterus will put pressure on the vena cava. Lying on the back for an extended period can restrain nutrients and blood supply to the baby and their placenta. It can also cause nausea and dizziness.


Sleeping On Side (SOS) 

best sleeping position for pregnancy

The advised sleep position pregnancy is sleep on the side. Compared to sleeping on the back or front, lying on the side is the best. Among the two sides, left and right, sleeping on the left side is the best position, since it helps increase both nutrients and blood supply. Sleeping on the right side can put pressure on the liver, so experts advise avoiding sleeping on the right side.

Sleeping on the left side will allow the baby to get enough nutrients and oxygen through the placenta. Sleeping on the left side can also improve a pregnant woman’s blood circulation. Lastly, it can help pregnant women to reduce the energy that they spend in drawing the optimal blood flow to both the fetus and them.

If pregnant women don't like sleeping on the left side for an extended amount of time, they can alternate between the two sides, being careful not to sleep on the right side for a long period.

Other Tips

Here are some ways that can slightly ease discomfort and restless legs that pregnant women often suffer from:

  • If expectant mothers are having difficulty and discomfort like back pain, they can use the SOS position. After that, they can try placing a pillow under their abdomen.
  • They can also try keeping their knees and legs bent. And put a pillow between their legs.
  • Some pregnant women experience heartburn or shortness of breath during the night time. In that case, they can try propping up their upper body with the use of pillows.

The suggestions above may not be comfortable for all women, especially those that have always slept on their stomach or back. Some of the suggestions may work, and others may not be favorable to it. Expectant mothers just need to remember that they must not stay in a single position for a long time. Changing to different positions from time to time is highly advisable. 



There are times that women have difficulty in having a good night's sleep, most of the time it is due to the discomfort that they feel. Since there are a lot of uncomfortable situations during pregnancy, knowing the best and safest position to sleep is important.



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