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5 Must-Know Tips for Traveling While Pregnant

Traveling has the potential to be stressful or difficult even when you’re not pregnant, so it’s important you know just how to take it easy and make it a lot less complicated for yourself. Here are five must-know tips for holiday-ing with a bump in tow.

 tips for traveling while pregnant

Pack the necessary items to keep you comfortable

When it comes to packing for your travels, pregnancy means you need to consider some items you perhaps haven’t even thought of. CTI recommends compression socks, for example – these will come in handy on the flight, improving your blood flow and reducing potential swelling should the air pressure affect you.

Everything from clothing to medication needs to be considered, as your comfort and safety is paramount. Consider ginger lollies, dry crackers, and antacids to combat nausea and acid reflux, and be sure to bring some vitamins with you too – this will ensure both yourself and your baby are getting the nutrition you need.


Don’t choose an unsuitable destination

Be sure you won’t be too uncomfortable with the destination you choose. Don’t go anywhere too hot, for example – you’ll struggle with the heat and put yourself and your baby at risk of health complications if you’re pushing it too far. Instead, choose somewhere with a milder climate that won’t prove to be unbearable.

If heading into the sun, avoid sunburn by staying covered up and frequently applying sunscreen. Be sure to wear comfortable clothing, too – there’s nothing worse than feeling restricted and uncomfortable when pregnant, so you may have to sacrifice your style in place of sensibility.


Ensure your accommodation has sufficient facilities

Choose a hotel or any equivalent accommodation that is suitable for you. If in your third trimester, it’s even more important – ensure there aren’t too many stairs or long walks that could prove difficult for you when so late into the pregnancy. Perhaps contact the hotel beforehand to see just how accessible it is.

And consider the location of your accommodation, too. Be sure there are sufficient facilities nearby, such as a healthcare centre, a pharmacy and a supermarket – the closer, the better. You’ll probably use at least one of these during your stay, so you’ll want them as close to you as possible.


Travel with people who understand

Make sure that the people you travel with understand you do not need any extra stress or worry during the trip. Have someone else take responsibility for things such as packing, paperwork, and travel arrangements so the worry is off your shoulders and you can take a backseat – this is especially important if you’re used to being the leader of the pack, as you’re more likely to get stressed out and potentially put yourself and the baby at harm.

If you travel with people who understand and take over for you, you’ll have an opportunity to lay back and relax. It’s likely just what you need to make your pregnancy a lot easier.


Make it as easy for yourself as you need

Traveling shouldn’t be a hectic or stress-inducing experience. Be sure to make it as easy for yourself as possible, and just enjoy the trip. You should seize any opportunity to relax and take it easy, and a holiday is the prime time to do so – make the most of it.


Do you have any tips of your own for a pregnant traveler? Have you done it yourself? Let us know in the comments below.


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