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Top 5 Glow-Getting Tips For Pregnant Women

Pregnancy brings a new set of challenges even to the most experienced pregnancy veterans.  Expecting mothers experience pregnancy in different ways, and the body responds differently with each one.  With the second trimester of pregnancy comes the often mentioned glowing complexion, but are there ways to keep the pregnancy glow going even before or after the second trimester is over?  You bet, and here are our top five skin glowing tips you can try even in the early stages of pregnancy:


tips for glowing skin during pregnancy

Be Extra Sun Safe

Your skin is more vulnerable to the sun’s damaging ultraviolet rays during pregnancy, so it is crucial you practice sun-safe protection methods, even if just stepping outside to run a few errands.  It may be cloudy outside, but you can still get sunburnt. 

It is recommended that you use a sunscreen of at least SPF15.  Many beauty products include SPF in their formula, taking care of two things at once.  If you plan on being outside and soaking up summer rays, remember to continuously reapply sun block.  The one thing you don’t want is to have damaging sunspots that are stubborn enough to linger on your skin post-pregnancy.


tips for glowing skin during pregnancy

Nourishment Gives Life - and a Glow!

Your body will thank you when you nourish it well.  Staying hydrated will flush out unwanted toxins, preparing you for a healthy pregnancy and glowing skin.  The moisture and hydration of eight or so glasses of water a day plumps skin cells, evens out oil production, leaving you with youthful, illuminating skin. Eat a diet of organic, healthy foods, as they provide you with nutrients that will beautify your complexion.  Fruits, vegetables, and whole grains nourish your skin, clear blemishes and marks, and help repair damage.

Drinking plenty of water will also balance your skin between oily and dry, so you can say goodbye to annoying acne breakouts caused by pregnancy hormones.  The nourishment of water will give you healthy, beautiful skin, so be sure to drink plenty of it during your pregnancy to get that pregnancy skin glow.


Tips for glowing skin during pregnancy

Use Body Oil

A changing body and expanding tummy (along with some other expanding things probably) can bring around annoying stretch marks. It's just the price expecting mothers pay in giving life, but with the help of good body oil, pregnant moms-to-be can still enjoy smooth, mark-free skin.  Body oil hydrates, nourishes, and moisturizes areas of the skin that receive the brunt of the stress, working to visibly reduce the appearance of pregnancy stretch marks.

Body oil leaves your skin with a pleasant, perfume-like, yet natural scent that lasts throughout the day, so there is no need to worry about using expensive, potentially harmful alternative products.  Apply body oil to areas of the skin that are prone to stretch marks, like the breasts, inner thighs, stomach, and hips.  Body oil is safe to use throughout pregnancy and can be reapplied as desired.


skin glowing tips for pregnancy

Don’t Over-Exfoliate 

With pregnancy, your hormones may become a bit off-balanced.  This is completely normal, but there’s a chance you might experience bouts of acne because of it.  While it is tempting to want to exfoliate the acne away in the hopes of getting a nice, smooth layer of blemish-free skin, try to avoid harsh, abrasive scrubs as it can actually spread the bacteria and make your breakout worse!

Pregnancy hormones sometimes go into overdrive in oil production, which causes phases of this pesky adult acne, but exfoliating day and night won’t make this any better.  Instead, use products that specialize in balancing pH levels and oil production, or even better, make a gentle, homemade face scrub or wash with natural ingredients.


skin glowing tips for pregnancy

Relax & Pamper Yourself

There’s no question that pregnancy puts an immense amount of stress on the body, and this is why the further along you are, the more likely your doctor will advise you to enjoy lots of bed rest.  This is one of the most special times in your life, and you should be able to enjoy your pregnancy, not suffer from it.  Kicking up your feet and indulging in a facial can lighten the pains of pregnancy and give you that special glow.

Easy pregnancy or not, relaxing and pampering yourself with facials, spa treatments, lounging, and a stress-free environment is mentally and physically healthy for you and the baby.  Go ahead and indulge, because a little pampering and relaxation is one of the best things for your skin and baby!


For the best professional advice on glowing skin throughout your pregnancy talk to your skin care doctor today.  Your dermatologist will help you decide what methods are best in taking care of your skin during pregnancy, and assist in managing pregnancy related acne breakouts.  Your dermatologist can also guide you in products that are appropriate and safe to use during pregnancy.

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