Pregnancy worries got your mind reeling? Read this! - Mumberry

Pregnancy worries got your mind reeling? Read this! - Mumberry

Being pregnant has so many crazy side-effects to it. Not only are you dealing with a quickly changing body, but you’re also dealing with the changes happening emotionally. Girl, we hear ya! The thought of a baby on its way (especially your first one) can be daunting and stressful!

That’s why we’re here to help!

In ‘5 Steps to a Worry Free Pregnancy’ FitPregnancy does a great job of laying out some of the common things first-time (and second- and third-time) moms often stress about when carrying their little one, and how to deal with them. We’ve given you easy access to some of those most important points here on the Mum Blog!

5 Steps to a Worry Free Pregnancy:

1. Embrace Knowledge-In Moderation
Knowledge is POWER! Learning about things you can do to keep your baby healthy can help put your troubled mind at ease. But be careful not to get TOO MUCH information- especially regarding things that will only make you worry more or are out of your control. If you read about something that you’re genuinely concerned about, they recommend talking to your doctor about it to see if it’s a legitimate concern.

2. Move and Snooze
Moving and exercising helps take your mind off of all the stress and can help you reset.  We also happen to know where you can find the most comfortable and supportive fitness apparel for pregnant ladies!! ;) Just check out all of Mumberry‘s fabulous active wear for all your fabulous fitness apparel needs!

Exercising on a regular basis and getting plenty of quality sleep can help ease your stress.  It’s also suggested that having regular and quality sex can help, and hey, I don’t hear anyone complaining about that! Right, ladies? The best part is that these things will contribute to having a healthy baby by creating a healthy environment for them.

3. Plan Ahead and Keep Up
There is a reason the Boy Scout’s motto is “Be prepared!” Take a lesson from them and take care of business! “Plan ahead, create lists, and chip away. The way to relieve the burden of the to-do list is to do the stuff on it.”

4. Meet a Mom-To-Be Friend
Having a friend who is also a mom-to-be can CHANGE EVERYTHING! There is comfort in just having someone there that knows exactly what you’re going through! Go to lunch, take a walk together, or even just lie on the couch with your feet up and vent. (That baby needs you to rest, too!)

5. Speak Up
Talking out your stress to an understanding spouse, friend, coworker, or family member can always help anyone feel better…pregnant or not. Being with child is no exception to that rule! “You don’t need to play the hero (you already are one, no doubt) by bottling up your emotions and worries…”  So do yourself and the growing baby inside of you a favor and talk out your fears and worries with someone who cares.

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