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4 Simple Steps for Less Fatigue During Pregnancy

Did you know that the number one complaint listed by pregnant women is fatigue and exhaustion? (We did a survey to make sure, and it's the truth.) While fatigue during pregnancy seems to be a hallmark of the first and third trimester, it doesn't have to be that way, we promise.

Mumberry · 4 Tips to beat pregnancy fatigue



Why I am Tired During Pregnancy?

Your body is undergoing significant hormonal changes, as well as physical ones, that may be making it hard to fall asleep (and stay asleep) which can further add to your fatigue. And while that might sound like there's not a lot you can do about it...there actually IS.

How Can I Feel Less Tired During Pregnancy?

You're not doomed to wishing you could sleep the next nine months away.  Let us help you with these four simple steps to ease fatigue during pregnancy!


1. Change your sleeping position

Try sleeping on your left side! You'll feel more comfortable knowing both you and baby are getting good blood flow, and you can tuck a pillow between your legs for relief for that aching back. In this position, you're also less likely to have to get up 1 or 12 times for midnight pee break. Hopefully this leaves you well rested and ready to tackle a new day.

2. Get blood flowing with exercise

It seems a littler counterproductive at first glance, but staying active by exercising during your pregnancy is one of the best ways to beat fatigue. A body that does nothing but sit or stand all day is never going to feel good.

Be sure that you're doing something each day to help loosen up your tired, achy body. It will leave you feeling better than ever (and might even help you get a good night's sleep.) Check out these 8 Must-Do FREE Workouts for Pregnant Women to get started today.

3. Use back and belly support

We've said it before, and we'll say it again. Your back and round ligaments are undergoing a lot of changes! There's a significant amount of stretching and tightening going on that would make even the fittest person sore (not to mention exhausted with all that extra weight you're carrying.) So how do you fix it? Use Mumberry Maternity Activewear with built-in Mumband Back and Belly Support to give your bump a lift! The Mumband carries some of the extra weight to help your muscles and ligaments. They'll have a lot less work to do, so you can focus your energy on the important stuff - growing the healthiest baby possible. Don't believe that it works? Here's what Mumberry Customer Elizabeth had to say:

“I'm almost 20 weeks pregnant with my 3rd so I'm feeling the aches and pains of pregnancy sooner than with my other 2. I'll just say these pants saved my life! They allowed me to move comfortably but gave my back and belly the support I needed for 12+ hour days.”

back and belly support for fatigue during pregnancy

4. Find time to relax

When you relax your mind, your muscles begin to expand and the energy channels begin to open. This helps more energy flow through your body. You can begin to relax by practicing yoga, deep breathing, mindfulness, or even acupuncture.

Giving yourself just a few minutes a day to center and look inward and upward can rejuvenate you for the rest of the day. Try this deep breathing exercise from mindbodygreen for more energy today!

 In Closing

With these four simple steps can will beat fatigue during pregnancy. More energy means an easier pregnancy, which means a happier you! If you have any questions/suggestions on how to combat fatigue during pregnancy with our Mumband back and belly support, don't hesitate to comment below! 

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