5 Amazing Ways to Remove Stretch Marks during Pregnancy

Stretch marks during pregnancy are one of the many problems that can be immensely distressing, but there are many creams available that can help. One of these, the Revitol stretch mark removal cream has come to the rescue of moms to be and new moms. 

What Causes Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are caused by stretching of the skin due to an increase in cortisone. Most pregnant women experience the condition of stretch marks due to the growth of breasts and stomach during pregnancy. Stretch marks are also caused by hormonal changes during pregnancy.

Excess weight gain and medications can also cause stretch marks during pregnancy. You can prevent stretch marks with various stretch marks removal treatments. Revitol acnezine is great for scars and stretch marks. Listed are some tips to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy, read on.

5 Amazing Ways to Remove Stretch Marks

Besides creams, there are other ways of reducing the appearance of stretch marks. And here are the 5 most efficient and amazing ways to remove stretch marks: 

  1. Stay hydrated
    Drinking plenty of water and always keeping yourself hydrated is yet another trick to fight against the ugly stretch marks. It is known to all that water is essential for healthy looking skin, as the skin cells require an adequate amount of water to replenish and repair themselves.
  1. Moisturizers play an important role
    Keeping your skin moisturized is a key to the kingdom of healthy skin. Choose your moisturizers carefully because some moisturizers might contain harmful elements that might not be recommended while you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Try to go for hypoallergenic moisturizing creams for increasing the production of natural collagen in the body to provide elasticity to the skin.
  1. Be active and follow an exercise regime
    You should keep yourself active and work out regularly to control the stretch marks from appearing. Exercise always helps to strengthen muscles of your body which is why the loose skin also tightens thereby leading to the visible reduction of stretch marks. Always consult your doctor before beginning a new exercise program.
  1. Aloe vera, the magical herb
    It is a potential and very effective home remedy that can surely heal your skin and provide a soothing effect. Rub the pure aloe vera gel (not from the market, but directly from the leaf) directly on the stretch marks. Leave it for 20 minutes or so and then rinse it with lukewarm water. Repeat this procedure as often as you'd like.

  2. Good massage oil or cream
    A good oil massage or massaging with cream can be helpful. Massaging your hips, thighs, belly and bust areas can be fruitful. The nutrients that are essential for the skin to repair itself can be obtained from the healing cream. You can try the Lucent Skin Stretch Mark Removal Cream & Lotion for smooth skin. Smear the cream on the target areas for at least 2 to 3 minutes so that the skin completely absorbs it. For better results, you can apply warm water on the target area before applying the cream so that the skin pores open up and the cream can penetrate within the depths of the skin. You can use some other healing oil as well. 


In Closing

There are so many ways to prevent stretch marks. You can opt for any one method. Stay beautiful during pregnancy and look great after pregnancy too.

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