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Bike Riding in Early Pregnancy: Things You Need to Know

Expecting mothers face a lot of questions regarding what to do and what not to do during pregnancy. 

While some say bike riding is good for the mood and overall general well being of the child, a different school of opinion says that bike riding should totally be avoided during pregnancy as it causes too much exertion for the baby.

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Yes, the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists declared light bike riding with proper precautionary measures absolutely safe during the first trimester.

The expecting mother needs to avoid overexertion and stick to slow and steady riding without causing any jolts to the belly.


One of the major advantages of cyling riding during early pregnancy is the prevention of problems such as gestational diabetes. It avoids excessive weight gain and if your body is used to exercise, during pregnancy it will adapt more easily. Cycling, bike riding, or in fact any form of cardiovascular activity keeps your heart (and your baby's heart!) healthy and fit.

Commonly reported problems among pregnant women like fatigue, insomnia, stress, and anxiety are reduced by light cardio as it lifts the mood and enhances the metabolism of the body entirely.

The increased body activity can increase the blood flow and help you sleep better at night. It also helps reduce muscle pain and if biking has always been one of your favorite outdoor activities, then there is absolutely no harm in nurturing your passion for the same, during the first trimester at least.

Cycling can also help beat the monotony of daily life since many of us have been forced to spend more time indoors due to COVID.


bike riding in early pregnancy

If you have been an active rider and have been undertaking a lot of cycling activity, you need to slow down a bit during pregnancy. The Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists advise pregnant women to undertake it with ‘particular care’. The fetus develops rapidly in the first trimester. This is generally considered a tough time for both the mother and the child. Developmental delays and birth defects typically occur during the first trimester.


The mother needs to be extra cautious while bike riding as any major jolts or falls can be life-threatening for the child. Moreover, bike riding is easy in the first trimester as compared to the later ones as the body has still not expanded much and balancing the bike is not much of an issue. It nearly becomes impossible during the later stages due to the baby bump and the added body fat.



safe bike riding during early pregnancy

Bike riding is not at all harmful to expecting mothers if undertaken with proper care. The two major risks involved are falling off the bike thus ultimately injuring the fetus, or overexerting oneself thus causing problems for the baby. The baby can be oxygen deprived if you exert yourself too much and do not take proper breaks for resting. 

Avoid biking alone

Biking alone can should be avoided as you progress through pregnancy.  Take your partner or anyone else along. This will make help easily accessible in case of an emergency. Do not ride out of your comfort zone. Take your cell phone along if you do not have anyone to accompany you and always make sure to keep your partner or a friend updated about your location and status.

In Closing
Bike riding is fun and healthy but only if you undertake it with proper precaution and care!

Most importantly, consult your doctor before setting out on the ride. If you have any kind of medical complications like cardiovascular disease, dizziness, restrictive lung disease, vaginal bleeding, or even excessive weakness then you should avoid bike riding. Getting a clearance certificate from your doctor is necessary before exploring the roads on a bike. Any kind of carelessness can have long-term effects on the baby and the mother too.

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