Mumberry's Labor Day Labor Bag Giveaway - Mumberry

Mumberry's Labor Day Labor Bag Giveaway - Mumberry

Wondering what to pack in your labor bag for when it's time to head to the hospital on baby day? We've got you covered! We teamed up with some of our ~favorite~ shops and ended up with the Ultimate Labor Bag that one luck mama will win! It's filled with over $600 in goodies for you and baby, so don't miss out! Read about all the contents and then scroll to the bottom to enter!


diaper bag for working moms

Haiku Renaissance Mama Bag:

This bag is AMAZING and super versatile! It’s a roomy  bag that can serve as a weekender for your hospital stay, and can then be transitioned into a diaper bag, workout bag, and/or work bag all in one. Diaper bags are so specific, but this bag considers the fact that baby, workout, and work do not have to be mutually exclusive and you don’t need to have 3 bags with you at all times. It even comes with a  diaper kit that’s lined with easy-to-clean PEVA and includes a folding pad for on-the-go changings. The bag’s wide, double-zip opening provides easy access to its pocketed interior, and with long padded handles you’re free to reach in one-handed for a wipe or stuffed animal. A padded sleeve holds your laptop, and a tuck-away strap secures your yoga mat or jacket. This bag has it all! ($150 value)

Want to know more? Read our in-depth review of the Renaissance Mama bag!


labor socks

Inhale. Exhale. Labor Socks- Milk & Baby:

These Milk & Baby labor socks are so. SOFT! They’re thick without being stuffy, warm, and have non-slip bottoms Inhale confidence, exhale doubt. These socks are a reminder to just breathe. Take in the moment you have committed to giving yourself and use it for what you need during your labor and delivery experience! ($14 value)


nursing sports bra

Cake Maternity Orange Zest Nursing Sports Bra:

We love this Cake Maternity nursing bra because you can use it after delivery when you just want to be comfy, as well as after you get home and return to your workouts! Orange Zest is the first full-structured nursing sports bra that provides great support, function, comfort and is styled for appeal. ($80 value)


cute delivery robe for labor  delivery gown for labor
ModMum - Maternity Hospital Delivery Bundle:

You will be the hit of the L&D floor with this perfect gown + robe set, designed for comfort and style for the birth of your baby. We just adore the print of this Alli Bundle, but feel free to pick your own design to make your delivery experience the best it can be! The robe is perfect for snuggling up before labor and after delivery with your new cuddly little one! The gown snaps all the way down back for complete coverage, on both sides of your breastbone to nurse discreetly and comfortably on each side, and allows for unsnapping completely down the front for skin-to-skin contact with your baby. The best part is that after you return home, you can use it for lounging and nursing in style! ($138.85 value)

maternity yoga pants

Mumberry Ease Maternity Yoga Pants:

You’ll want to live in these pants long after you leave the hospital! The Mumband, featured in all of our clothes, can be folded down to get rid of the extra fabric you would have wanted during pregnancy. This gives your recently traumatized pelvic floor some much needed support without the constricting the rest of your body! We love the “buttery” soft fabrics and flattering cut and we bet you will, too! ($78 value)

pajamas for labor and delivery

PinkBlush Gift Card:

You’ll want to sleep comfortably and soundly after you give birth and we think a set of soft, adorable PJs from PinkBlush is the way to do it! Use a $50 credit to their online shop to stock up on some comfy sleep and loungewear! ($50 value)

paci clip

BayBee Boutique Silicone Paci Clip:

Silicone Paci Clips are ​a perfect o​n-the-go solution to keeping your baby's binky safe and off the ground. Once your little graduates from the paci, you can attach ​a silicone​ teether or wood ring​, making this a ​great gift that will last through many stages. The high-quality silicone beads are BPA-free, lead-free, and FDA food-grade. They wash easily with warm soap and water. Beads are strung on a strong 2mm satin cord with one end completed using a lead-free, metal clip! This is the perfect way to ensure a clean and attached paci for your little one on the way home from hospital. ($14 value)


Organic NursElet:

Secure your falling shirt on your baby during breastfeeding and pumping with the NursElet, a Hands-free solution to make breastfeeding and pumping easier and more comfortable for nursing mothers! It also becomes your reminder bracelet! After nursing, put the NursElet (which also doubles as a bracelet) on the wrist of the side you need to pump next. Cute, fashionable, and a total lifesaver when getting the hang of nursing. ($18 value)

organic swaddle blanket

The Snug Bug Organic Swaddle Blanket + Diaper Changing Pad:

The 41" x 41" swaddle blankets are perfect for wrapping your baby to sleep. Made of a puffy cloud of Organic Cotton that's beautifully light, stretchy and ideal for swaddling in any temperature. But the real magic happens when you wash it! Because every time it's washed it just gets SOFTER to make this blanket more lovable every time you use it.

Also included is a waterproof, quilted diaper pad that rolls up small and snaps closed to tuck into your diaper bag when leaving the hospital! ($45 value)

breastfeeding pillow

My Brest Friend Original Nursing Pillow

This wrap around nursing pillow design secures to the body helping mom and baby maintain positioning and latch-on! The back rest helps prevents sore back and neck, while the arm and elbow rests eliminate shoulder stress. The firm, flat cushion also keeps baby from rolling when breastfeeding. The adjustable, silent-release strap fits moms or dads comfortably and unlatches without waking baby! A convenient pocket keeps water bottles, burp cloths, phone, and other breastfeeding accessories or items within reach, making this pillow a new mama’s lifesaver! ($45 value)

nursing pads for breastfeeding

Bamboobies Reusable Nursing Pads + Nipple Balm

Breastfeeding is beautiful – leaks and lines are not! Bamboobies® are made of ultra-soft and soothing bamboo rayon velour, an absorbent inner layer of hemp and cotton with an outer milk-proof™ liner to help prevent embarrassing leaks! These nursing pads are super absorbent and eco-friendly, and the heart-shaped pad is designed to cup the breast for a smoother silhouette.

New mothers can also suffer from sore and cracked nipples in the first few weeks.  Protect yourself and your newborn with a non-toxic, certified organic nipple balm that keeps nipples feeling soft, supple and healthy. All ingredients are safe for ingestion by your breastfeeding baby. ($28 value)

essential oils for labor and delivery

Essential Oils Labor & Delivery Kit - chebella82

This is a kit that includes single oils, oils blend and a diffuser. These blends are safe to use in labor and delivery! They are used to facilitate contractions but relax labor pain naturally. 1 roller ball bottle blend of Jasmine, Rose, Lavender, Black pepper, and Vetiver oil, a 1mL bottle of a calming blend (to relax and comfort), a 1mL bottle of Myrrh for babies umbilical cord (acts as a protectant), 1 Guide as to how to use the oils and 1 diffuser are all included in this kit! ($35 value)


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