Everything You Need to Know About Maternity Workout Clothes: Part 1 - Mumberry

Everything You Need to Know About Maternity Workout Clothes: Part 1 - Mumberry

Here at Mumberry, we are committed to giving you ladies the BEST workout clothing available to help keep you moving and healthy during your fit pregnancy. And did we mention looking incredibly stylish? In this series of blog posts, we’ll detail what to look for when shopping for maternity workout clothes and what makes Mumberry the best for mums who move!

Today, we’re talking FABRICS!! We’re going to talk about the best fabrics for your body to keep you cool and keep you moving comfortably.

Synthetic Fabrics vs. Cotton

Many people believe cotton is a cool and comfortable clothing option for their workouts, but new developments have proven there are better fabrics. Cotton absorbs moisture so your sweat literally sticks to you, making you feel clammy and restricted. Not only does cotton absorb all your sweat and weigh you down, but it can also cause skin irritation especially in sensitive and chafe-prone areas! No thank you!

In addition to all that, cotton doesn’t provide adequate temperature regulation. During those hot months, your body won’t cool properly, making you feel more exhausted than you actually are. In the winter time, the damp clothing with give you a chill that is just as unpleasant.

At Mumberry, we use polyester and nylon fabric blends for optimum moisture-wicking and evaporation. These fabrics are specifically designed to wick sweat droplets away from your skin. It will keep you cool and comfortable while you work that body! Our Mumband™ belly support is made of a high-quality nylon that not only wicks away sweat, but also holds its shape and retains stretch better, giving you the most support for your growing bump!

Spandex, please!

Another thing to beware of with fabrics is the fit. If your clothing is restricting or too loose, it can cause irritation from rubbing you the wrong way. It’s best to look for clothing that has a small amount of spandex to give it stretch and help with range-of-motion. All Mumberry clothing contains spandex to give you a flattering look without being too tight.

One rule of thumb to follow is no matter what kind of fabric you sweat in, retire the item if it starts to take on an odor of its own. Nobody wants to be the stinky one in Zumba!

Buying activewear made of high-quality, synthetic fabrics will usually cost a bit more than your average cotton t-shirt, but the old saying is true, “You get what you pay for”. Synthetic fabrics will last longer and you’ll enjoy a more comfortable workout.

To learn more about our apparel and shop our collection, head over now to our store!


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