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Mocktail Margarita for Pregnancy

Who says you can't enjoy a refreshing cocktail during pregnancy?!

Well...most people actually.

But that was before they saw this delicious, low-cal mocktail margarita spritzer!

virgin margarita for pregnancy

While we know tequila is a major flavor in margaritas, and obviously what differentiates them from other cocktails, this mocktail is just fruity and limey enough to be reminiscent of your favorite Mexican drink!

Especially when paired with our PROTEIN PACKED GUACAMOLE recipe. 

guacamole and margarita for cinco de mayo

Oh yes we did.

Our recipe was adapted from The Pinning Mama's fabulous recipe, so you can find the original post there!


  • ½ cup homemade limeade (we love Mariah's Pleasing Plates super easy recipe)
  • ½ cup lime flavored sparkling water
  • ¼ cup pineapple-orange juice


Pour all ingredients into a shaker to blend. Then pour over ice and garnish with salt, lime, and a cute straw.  

Enjoy along side protein packed guacamole and tortilla chips or carrots.

mocktail margarita recipe

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