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6 Top Qualities of the Best Active Maternity Clothes

Correctly supporting your bump can mean the difference between a comfortable workout, or an annoyingly hot, sweaty, and even dangerous one. 

[Updated October 2020]

Things to consider when buying

1. Stretch: The gear you're wearing when exercising needs to stretch and move with your body, without slipping or falling down. Unlike other fabrics that just stretch in one direction, 4-way stretch fabric actually stretches in all directions allowing you complete range of motion without twisting or slipping.

2. Fit: Don't settle for your same old Lulu or Nike when you're pregnant. Retire them for a few months as your bump (and other body parts) outgrow even your biggest pair, and stock up on a few pieces that will last throughout your entire pregnancy.

Pick active maternity clothes that were made with a pregnant figure in mind - these will be far more comfortable and flattering than anything else.

3. Coverage: Fabric needs to be thick enough to pass the underwear test. When you're right in the middle of a savatsana, you don't want everyone to see what color underwear you're sporting that day, right?

Hack it: if you can't try the gear on before purchasing, simply stretch the fabric with your hands and hold it up to a light. If you can clearly see the light, you'll be able to see your undies too.

belly and back support during pregnancy

4. Support: Support isn't offered in many active maternity clothes (or in maternity clothes in general) so it can be hard to know what to look out for. The two biggies? Lumbar support and belly support. With extra support, you can go throughout your workout and your day in comfort and DO MORE during your pregnancy. Check out  Mumband® for the best built-in support.

5. Moisture-Wicking Fabrics: Unless you want to be sweaty for hours, or show alllll the sweat stains, you need moisture-wicking fabrics. This will pull the sweat away from your body allowing it to dry faster. So you're not sweaty, and you're a little less dirty (since this leaves less time for bacterial growth on your skin.)

6. Breathable: Staying cool is important, especially during the summer months and during pregnancy. Look for ventilating, mesh fabrics that allow air flow as you work out. These fabrics will keep your body temperature cooler, keeping both you and baby safer.

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