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Working While Pregnant: How to Stay Comfortable

Posted on 16 April 2019

While being pregnant is an extremely exciting time, it is very draining, and can be quite a bit uncomfortable, especially in the third trimester. Add into the mix a full time job and you are bound to be totally exhausted by the end of your day. But, have no fear, there is hope in making your pregnancy just a bit easier by making some small changes in your lifestyle, and following the tips below.

working while pregnant

Comfortable Supportive Shoes

Wearing the right shoes while pregnant is important for every women, but depending on the nature of the work you do this one is more important for some. If you have a physical type of job where you spend extended periods of time on your feet, such as a nurse, supportive shoes are an absolute must.

Wearing supportive and comfortable shoes during pregnancy is important for several reasons. As your baby grows, and you begin to gain weight, your feet are going to have to carry those extra pounds. Many pregnant women experience swelling in their legs, feet and ankles as the pregnancy progresses, so make sure your shoes have ample space to accommodate your swollen foot.

Properly Fitting Maternity Clothes

An easy, (and fun!) way to feel physically comfortable is by making sure to wear properly fitting maternity clothing. Nothing can be more uncomfortable than your pants digging in at the waist. Years gone by maternity clothing meant wearing shapeless dowdy dresses, but times have definitely changed! The maternity fashion of today is trendy, chic and stylish. And if you are a nurse in scrubs, have no fear, there is a huge selection of fashion forward maternity scrubs available.  So as soon as those pants start to feel a bit snug, hit those maternity stores, and buy some fabulous pregnancy clothes. There is even a great maternity scrub guide put together by Medical Scrubs Collection that will make shopping for maternity scrubs a cinch!

Back Cushion

If you spend your 9-5 at an office desk, then this one is for you. As your pregnancy progresses, the pain in your back will begin to let you know it will not tolerate extended periods of time sitting in one position. So what do you do if have an office job? Taking off for a few months probably won’t go over too well with the boss. Making sure you have a comfortable office chair is the first thing to do. Getting a lumbar pillow to give you proper lower back support will make all the difference. Also, if you can take a short walk every 30 minutes or so it will help ease your lower back pain tremendously.

Hydrate & Eat Properly

This one may seem obvious, but we can all use a friendly reminder. We know how important it is to drink while pregnant; and it is even more important if you are working at the same time. Being properly hydrated will prevent infection and dehydration, which can cause preterm labor in the third trimester. Eating health and nutritious meals and snacks will keep you feeling full, and you and baby happy! Make sure to pack a good lunch and a few healthy snacks before leaving your house in the morning.


These few tips won’t make the aches and pregnancy so away, but hopefully will help ease them a bit. We all know the saying: “good things don’t come easily”, and pregnancy is definitely a prime example of that!


About the Author:

Carol Kalat lives in New Jersey with her husband and three children. She works as the marketing director for Medical Scrubs Collection, an online nursing uniform store. She tries being on top of the latest nursing news, and enjoys blogging about nurses and healthy lifestyle related topics.  


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