• Is it safe to take hot baths while pregnant

    Taking a bath is great for reducing pain and can help improve sleep if is it part of your nightly routine.  However, many doctors recommend to take warm baths, slightly higher than your normal body temperature to avoid any risk.  Is it because any significant rise in your core body temperature, particularly during the first 12 weeks, could negatively impact your baby's development.    ...
  • Can Wearing Tight Pants Hurt My baby?

    If you are a mother, you have probably asked yourself a million questions and one of them was probably, ‘can tight pants hurt my baby?’ Wearing reasonably tight pants should not harm your baby.  The uterus, amniotic fluid, and body fat work together protect your baby from typical outside pressures including mild compression.  Tight pants should be removed immediately if any pain or discomfort is...
  • The Healthier Way to Lose Pregnancy Weight

    The Healthier Way to Lose Pregnancy Weight
    Do you want to know how to lose weight after giving birth? You don’t want to be jumping on the crash-diet bandwagon. Losing pregnancy weight healthily means eating well and doing exercise. Read here for advice on healthy ways to lose weight. 
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