12 More Things You Can Do Today For a Healthy Pregnancy

12 More Things You Can Do Today For a Healthy Pregnancy

Earlier this week we shared with you 12 simple and practical steps you could take towards having a healthy pregnancy today. We hope you had a chance to implement them and are feeling healthier already!

Here are 12 MORE things you can do to heave a healthy pregnancy:

1. Snuggle with your little one

Prolonged physical touch increases your oxytocin release. Oxytocin helps you bond with whoever you might be cuddling up to, and can also help to reduce blood pressure and make you feel less stressed.

Don’t have any little ones running around yet?  Try cuddling with your man, because physical touch can also help couples communicate better, which just makes life easier (am I right or am I right?)

mom holding baby during healthy pregnancy

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2. Schedule a fun workout class

It’s pretty easy to dip out on a prenatal workout you never planned, but signing up for a class might provide a little more incentive! You don’t want to lose the money you put down or come off as flaky, which will motive you to hop out of bed and hit the gym.

3.Meditate or practice mindfulness

Practicing mindfulness is an important piece of the puzzle when it comes to having a healthy pregnancy. If you’re prone to anxiety or restlessness anyways, mindfulness can help bring you back to the present. It’s also been shown to benefit both mom and baby in numerous ways! Not sure how to start? Check out this meditation guide.

4. Buy some new prenatal fitness gear

Buying clothes that are designed to fit your new pregnant figure will make you feel sexier and more confident than just sizing up in your favorite non-maternity brands or wearing your husband’s old sweatshirts. Trust us.

Nothing gets you feeling ready to tackle a tough workout than looking HOT! Built-in belly support can also help you stay active longer than you would normally be able to. Grab a new pair of leggings or a cute top (use code ONTHEBLOG for 20% off, on us)!

move maternity capris       boost maternity tank

5. Do something kind

Simple, but effective. Doing something kind for someone else actually benefits your health! Studies have shown that people who give back and volunteer are up to 40% less likely to get hypertension later in life.

This is important, since part of a healthy pregnancy is avoiding high blood pressure! Your act of kindness can be something as simple as paying it forward in line at Starbucks. Try it out!

6. Keep a food journal

Logging what you eat every day is a great way to hold yourself accountable. Because no one wants to write down that they ate 6 donuts. ;) There are several apps you can use, or you can snap a picture of your meals to save to an album. And there’s always the old fashioned way – just jot it down in a notebook!

7. Eat breakfast

Eating breakfast is an important part of anyone’s diet, but now that you’re eating for two, it’s even more important (especially during the first trimester when you might be experience a sever depletion of calories due to morning sickness.)

Starting your day with a healthy meal makes you more likely to have healthy meals for the rest of the day and gives you a nice dose of vitamins and minerals to nourish your little one with!

healthy pregnancy cereal breakfast

Image source: Pexels

8. Stock up on frozen veggies

Even if they don’t look particularly appetizing when you’re grocery shopping, picking up a few bags of frozen veggies can mean the difference between giving in to an intense cookie craving and having a smarter, healthier snack or meal instead. You never know when you’ll be able to stomach those veggies anyway, so you want to have them on hand for when you can.

9. Cut off electronics one hour before bed

Keeping your electronics on close to bed can keep you up long after you’ve turned the lights out. And when you’re growing a human, sleep is extra important! (Aim for 7-8 hours a night, or more if you need it.) While you’re not using your phone, try reading, meditating, or soaking in a warm bath to relax and wind down.

10. Wash your sheets every week

This is a biggie! Want to get sick less often? Try washing your sheets more often. Not only that, but settling into a freshly washed set of sheets when you lay down for the night is so cozy and comfortable! You’ll probably sleep better, which is great for any lady trying her hardest to have a healthy pregnancy.

wash your bed sheets for healthy pregnancy

Image source: Pixabay

11. Listen to your body

Possibly the simplest of all these tips. You know your body better than anyone else. If something doesn’t feel right (even that workout that you planned) just listen and take it easy. Once you feel better, you jump back into it with the confidence that your body is rested and ready to go.

12. Remind yourself why this is important

When you can’t find any other motivation (which admittedly happens when your pregnancy hormones are raging) simply reminding yourself that you’re doing this for the good of your baby can be an effective motivator! Studies have shown that women who have a fit, healthy pregnancy have babies with lesser risk of developing diseases later in life.

In Closing

Set your baby up for a healthy life by implementing a few of these tips and remind yourself why you’re doing it.


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