12 Simple Things You Can Do Today For a Healthy Pregnancy

12 Simple Things You Can Do Today For a Healthy Pregnancy

Maintaining a feeling of healthiness and wellness during anytime of life is a difficult thing. Now add growing another living thing inside of/with your own body. Whoa! 

We are always learning new information on ways women can have a healthy pregnancy. Exercise more, eat better, sleep longer, and stress less are the basics, but finding practical ways to do those things can feel overwhelming when you feel as if you’re barely hanging on.

So then the question becomes, where can you (as a busy mom or mom-to-be) start on this healthy pregnancy journey?

Here are 25 of our favorite ways to improve your overall wellness and promote a healthy pregnancy!

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1. Don’t diet

You’ve heard it before, but restricting calories, any macronutrient (fat, carbs, or protein), or any particular food group isn’t getting you anywhere. Healthy people don’t restrict, they balance.

But in general, eating a diet rich in whole grains (quinoa, brown rice, couscous, etc), lean proteins (chicken, fish, eggs, turkey, and lean grass fed beef), healthy oils and nuts, fruits, and vegetables most of the time is what’s going to make you feel the best. (And all of those things are beneficial to your baby and to your healthy pregnancy!)

2. Wash your hands!

We can’t stress this one enough. One way to feel well is to take preventative measures against getting sick in the first place, especially during pregnancy when you can’t always take the medications you need to get better.

The world is a nasty place, full of all kind of bacteria and other germs. Something as simple as washing your hands when you get home or after you use the bathroom goes a long way.

3. Floss your teeth

Another relatively simple task (and also the task we all love to hate sometimes) is flossing your teeth. It does more than give you a killer smile! Ridding your mouth and gums of bacteria contributes to overall health since those same bacteria can lead to heart disease, diabetes, and respiratory illness, along with digestive issues! Your whole body is happier when you floss.

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4. Keep water on your bedside table

Our favorite healthy living hack. Chugging a bottle or glass of water in the morning before you get up means you’re that much closer to your increased water needs during pregnancy. (You have a higher blood volume during pregnancy, so you need more water to stay hydrated.) Drink up, buttercup!

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5. Take a warm bath

We’re convinced that all the problems in the world could probably be figured out while soaking in a warm bath. When you stress, your body enters fight or flight mode, which gets your stress hormones going. Remind your body that it’s okay by calming it down in a warm bath (just make sure it doesn't exceed your body temperature.) Bonus** Light some candles for better ambiance and an even more relaxing vibe.

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6. Call an old friend or family member

Has it been a while since you’ve called your best friend from college or your mom? Life is busy, we get it! Give them a ring and see what they’ve been up to. It might be just what you needed and can leave you feeling refreshed and invigorated.

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7. Get a pedicure

Pregnancy is quite possibly THE most rewarding time to get a pedicure. With the foot swelling and pain many women experience, just letting your feet soak in some hot water is heaven.

Having someone massage, exfoliate, and make them pretty is just an added perk. Do it while the kids are in school or hubby is at work, and use the time to put your phone away and read a good book.

8. Drink more water

We kind of discussed this one in tip number four, but that’s how serious we are about it. Drinking more water leaves you more hydrated and rids the toxins out of your body (which also happens to be your baby’s home at this point.) Give him or her a toxin-free environment, and leave yourself feeling lighter and healthier in the process.

9. Have a hot cup of herbal tea

Herbal tea is decaffeinated and helps to keep you hydrated (it counts toward your water content for the day), nourished, and relaxed. And there’s just something so soothing about kicking back with a hot cup of tea.

We vote you do it while relaxing in your hot bath like we mentioned earlier. (But not all herbal teas are created equal when it comes to safety during pregnancy – here’s a great list by BellyBelly of the safe teas you can consume during pregnancy!)

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10. Make or plan a healthy meal

When it comes to a healthy pregnancy diet, half MOST of the battle is just planning it. Take a few minutes to plan just ONE healthy meal for today or tomorrow. We bet you already have a lot of the ingredients! Pinterest has a whole world of healthy recipes just waiting to be tried. We even have an entire recipe board dedicated to some of our favorites!! Give one of them a shot today.

11. Take a walk

Getting outside and breathing in the fresh air can do wonders for your tired body. We get so used to sitting inside or working out in the gym that we forget how nice the fresh air feels. Walking even has some major benefits for you and your baby! If you have other kids, you can even load them up in the stroller to let them tag along. They’ll love it almost as much as you!

12. Take a power nap

Join your little one when they go down for their afternoon nap. You deserve the break as much as they do! Even 20 minutes can increase your alertness and mood, and leave you feeling ready to tackle the rest of your day (including that prenatal workout you might not have felt up to yesterday.)

In Closing on Steps for a Healthy Pregnancy

Following these 12 steps will make a big difference in your mental and physical health during pregnancy.  Looking for additional ideas read 12 more Steps for a healthy Pregnancy

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