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5 Best Pregnancy Workouts for First Time Moms

Getting pregnant is the best excuse to get into top physical condition, because pregnancy should motivate you to be the healthiest you can possibly be for your baby!) While you may not be able to move around as you once did before, there are certainly ways to remain active and stay (or get) fit while you're pregnant.

Not sure where to start? Check out the best pregnancy workouts for first time moms below.

tai chi best pregnancy workouts

1. Tai Chi

The ancient practice of Tai Chi boasts almost as many mental health benefits as it does physical health benefits. Let’s face it — being pregnant can be a real emotional roller coaster. Fortunately this is one of those easy pregnancy workouts that is great for first time moms, especially those later on in their nine months.


best pregnancy workouts yoga

2. Yoga (Tons of Videos on YouTube)

Who doesn’t love a bit of yoga?  Yoga is similar to Tai Chi, though it is slightly more intense (depending on the style) and can be a great way for you to keep your body feeling loose and limber when pregnancy is making your muscles sore. If you're looking for at-home pregnancy workouts, it’s as easy as searching on YouTube! Here's a great one.


best pregnancy workouts custom routine

3. Your Own Custom Workout Routine

You can design and develop your own routine or browse hundreds upon thousands of pre-made routines online. From squats to pushups and burpees, there are so many different workouts for first time moms. If you’re worried your routine may be too intense while pregnant, look up prenatal workout routines specifically.


walking best pregnancy workouts

4. Walking (and Even Jogging!)

Don’t put away those running shoes just yet. Walking keeps your heart strong and your muscles toned. It can also help you have an easier and shorter labor. Walk up hills, through the park, or just around your neighborhood. Also, if you’re early along, you may be able to jog or walk at a brisk pace.


best pregnancy workouts lifting weights

5. Hitting the Gym

You can be a powerful gym mama! While it’s not recommended to do intense dead lifts and bench presses or anything out of the ordinary, grabbing some light-moderate weights will work wonders for your body and keep you toned throughout your pregnancy. 

In Closing

Being pregnant doesn't mean saying goodbye to your healthy lifestyle. Exercise is crucial — even when you’re pregnant. How will you get active today? 

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